Blue Archive tier list (Updated in March 2023)

Here are latest The Blue Archive tier list for you to have a grasp of how each character in the game performs, and what their standing is when compared to others from the same class.

Blue Archive tier list (March 2023) - 1

We’ve ranked each character based on their strength and class, with the best ones at the very top (in S tier), and the weakest ones at the bottom in the C tier.

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The best characters in Blue Archive

The best units are not necessarily 3*, since some like Kasuga Tsubaki and Waraku Chise managed to sneak among the higher rankings as well, even though they are 2*. Bottom line – you want to use mainly units that have a good synergy amongst themselves and have a strong enough kit to make you want to invest all your resources into upgrading them.

Swimsuit Sorasaki Hina is one such unit, and even though it’s a limited unit, you know you can’t go wrong with it. The same goes for Renkawa Cherino and many others, so if you’re curious who they are, it’s time we take a look at the Blue Archive tier list.

Below you can find them divided into roles, with Tanks and Dealers having a tier by themselves, and Supports being split among Support, Healer and Tactical Support units. So if you’re wondering where you can find the best healers, you can check the Blue Archive Supports Tier List page!

And without further introductions, let’s dive into the tier list!

Blue Archive tier list (March 2023) - 2

1. Blue Archive Attacker tier list

Dealers, or Attackers are basically your classical damage dealers – they inflict tons of damage, and have relatively low defensive stats compared to any other unit. They are rarely front row units, and the ones that are front row tend to have slightly higher defenses. However, the most common Dealers are placed in the middle or back row.

Tier Characters
S Izayoi Nonomi, Rikuhachima Aru, Renkawa Cherino, Swimsuit Sorasaki Hina, Shiromi Iori, Swimsuit Shiromi Iori, Kurodate Haruna, Swimsuit Shirasu Azusa, Shimoe Koharu, Nekozuka Hibiki, Swimsuit Shizuyama Mashiro, Kakudate Karin
A Swimsuit Waraku Chise, Michiru, Renkawa Cherino (Hot Springs), Aris, Shirasu Azusa, Sunohara Shun, Young Shunohara Shun, Waraku Chise, Sunaookami Shiroko, Sorasaki Hina, Cycling Sunaookami Shiroko, Aru (New Year), Ajitani Hifumi, Swimsuit Ajitani Hifumi, Hisada Izuna, Saiba Momoi, Otohana Sumire, Saiba Midori, Tendou Alice, Asagi Mutsuki, Mutsuki (New Year), Bunny Girl Kakudate Karin, Casual Yakushi Saya, Ihara Yoshimi, Shizuyama Mashiro, Yakushi Saya
B Swimsuit Wakamo, Saki, Moe, Wakamo, Swimsuit Nonomi, Swimsuit Izuna, Kazusa, Saori, Swimsuit Kensaki Tsurugi, Hanaoka Yuzu, Akashi Junko, Wanibuchi Akari, Kensaki Tsurugi, Asahina Pina, Sunaookami Shiroko, Kuromi Serika, Shiroishi Utaha, Serika (New Year)
C Ichinose Asuna, Konuri Maki, Nikamu Nero, Shishidou Izumi, Hanekawa Hasumi

2. Blue Archive Support & Healer tier list

We’ve grouped the two together since there are not that many Healers and there’s also a Tactical Support which is pretty much in a tier of its own. So, we’ve decided to go for the bold choice and rank them all into one super support tier list. We did mention which unit belongs to which class though – check them out!

Tier Characters
S Kaede, Iroha, Hoshino (Swimsuit), )Mizuha Mimori, Sashiro Tomoe, Shimoe Koharu (Healer), Otose Kotama, Washimi Serina (Healer), Amau Ako
A Miyu, Hatsune Miku, Bunny Girl Ichinose Asuna, Asagao Hanae (Healer), Kurimura Airi, Omagari Hare
B Hiyori, Swimsuit Ayane, Swimsuit Shizuko, Ui, Murokasa Akane, Swimsuit Shishidou Izumi, Nakatsukasa Kirino, Aijitani Hifumi (Tactical Support), Aikiyo Fuuka (Healer), Okusora Ayana, Hinomia Chinatsu (Healer)
C Onikata Kayoko, Morizuki Suzumi, Toyomi Kotori, Urawa Hanako (Healer), Ushimaki Juri, Endo Shimiko, Iochi Mari, Kowa Shizuko, Amani Nodoka, Nodoka (Hotspring)

3. Blue Archive Tank tier list

Here you can find all the best tanks – these are characters that sit in the front row and specialise in tanking all the incoming damage for the team. They don’t often have a lot of damage included in their kit, but they more than makeup for it through sheer defenses. They are a must-have in any team!

Tier Characters
S Kasuga Tsubaki, Bunny Girl Mikamu Neru
A Takanashi Hoshino, Hayase Yuuka
B Marina, Atsuko, Yutori Natsu, Izumimoto Eimi, Igusa Haruka

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