Best weapon upgrades and combinations in Vampire Survivors

The hit roguelike survival game is easier to play than ever with these best weapon evolutions available.

1. Thousand Edge

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide (1)

  • How to get it

Power up the Knife to level 8 and equip the Bracer as one of your passive items.

  • What it does

The only thing more fun than a knife is endless knives. Thousand Edge launches an infinite stream of knives in whichever direction your character is facing. Each blade in the unending torrent deals 16.5 damage and passes through two enemies before stopping.

  • How to use Thousand Edge in a build

Because Thousand Edge only ever faces in the direction you’re facing, it’s best to pair it with an area-denial weapon like King Bible/Unholy Vespers, Garlic/Soul Eater, or Mannajja. For Arcana, choose either Slash or Iron Blue Will (reach level 50 with Gennaro). Slash will give you a 30% chance to land a critical hit for 99 damage, and Iron Blue Will lets your knives ricochet off the enemies and the edge of the screen. These two Arcanas also buff Axe/Death Spiral, so it’s a good complement to Thousand Edge.

2. La Borra

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide (2)

  • How to get it

Level Santa Water to level 8 and equip Attractorb as one of your passive items.

  • What it does

Much like Santa Water from which La Borra is evolved, it falls from the top of the screen creating five pale blue zones that deal 40 damage to any enemy they touch every half second. These zones grow and move toward the player over five seconds before disappearing. There is a four-second interval between each barrage.

  • How to use La Borra in a build

La Borra is an area-of-effect weapon with a random affected area, so it pairs well with weapons you can control the directionality of (like the Whip or the Knife) to cover your weak spots. The best Arcana to use with it is Tragic Princess (reach level 50 with Porta), which will let you use La Borra more often while you’re moving. Couple this combo with a weapon like the Shadow Pinion, which requires movement to fire. The rate of growth of La Borra and how fast it moves is a function of your character’s movement speed, so the Wings are a good passive item to pick up (they also evolve the Shadow Pinion into the Valkyrie Turner).

3. Fuwalafuwaloo

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide (3)

  • How to get it

Level Vento Sacro up to level 8 and equip Bloody Tear (evolved from level 8 Whip and Hollow Heart) as one of your other weapons.

  • What it does

Superficially, Fuwalafuwaloo is very similar to Vento Sacro, creating a flurry of eight slashes in front of the character inflicting 20 damage each. It also produces a circle of slashes all the way around you, damaging anything that gets too close. There’s a 5% chance to land a critical hit which deals double damage, heals 8 HP, and triggers explosive damage. Fuwalafuwaloo also grants a damage buff based on continuous movement.

  • How to use Fuwalafuwaloo in a build

Because Fuwalafuwaloo benefits from continuous movement, it doesn’t pair well with Shadow Pinion which requires you to move and stop to use. The chance to score a critical hit is impacted by Luck so picking up a Clover is a good idea. Clover pairs with the Cross, a ranged weapon, which will help you get to the spots Fuwalafuwaloo can’t reach on its own. Use Slash (reach level 50 with Lama) and Sarabande of Healing (unlocked with the Arcana) in the Arcana. Slash will double the damage of your critical hits, not just for Fuwalafuwaloo, but for the evolved Cross (Heaven Sword) as well.

4. Unholy Vespers

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide (4)

  • How to get it

Power up King Bible to level 8 and equip Spellbinder as one of your passive items.

  • What it does

Unholy Vespers encircles your character in spinning books, each book distributing 30 damage to enemies. It only hits every 1.7 seconds, but with the potential to have up to 20 books spinning around you, that’s a maximum of 600 damage every 1.7 seconds. Unholy Vespers also offers a knockback effect, so it’s harder for mobs to push through your shield of books.

  • How to use Unholy Vespers in a build

Because Unholy Vespers is an area-of-effect weapon, it can be beneficial to pair it with a ranged weapon like the Knife or Bone. It’s also a good idea to increase its speed with the Bracer, which just so happens to be the requirement for the Knife to evolve. For the Arcana, you’ll want to use Twilight Requiem (reach level 50 with Dommario), which will cause Unholy Vespers to generate explosions every time it cycles. Bone and Lightning Ring are also good additional weapons because they’re affected by Twilight Requiem as well.

5. Death Spiral

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide (5)

  • How to get it

Power up the Axe to level 8 and equip Candelabrador as one of your passive items.

  • What it does

Unlike the Axe, which flies up a short distance before falling past the bottom of the screen, Death Spiral radiates out from the character in all directions, passing through enemies and dealing 60 damage along the way.

  • How to use Death Spiral in a build

Death Spiral has a high cooldown (the time it takes to launch another barrage of scythes), so it helps to pick up the Empty Tome (needed to evolve the Magic Wand) as one of your passive items. This will reduce your cooldown from 4 seconds to 2.4 seconds, making Death Spiral much more effective. Pair it with the Arcana Slash or Iron Blue Will. Slash gives every hit a 30% chance to inflict 240 damage, and Iron Blue Will allows the scythes to bounce off the edge of the screen one time.

6. Thunder Loop

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide (6)

  • How to get it

Power up the Lightning Ring to level 8 and equip the Duplicator as one of your passive items.

  • What it does

Much like the Lightning Ring, Thunder Loop calls down bolts of lightning on random enemies creating a damaging area of effect around unlucky mobs. Unlike the Lightning Ring, The Thunder Loop always calls down lightning in pairs, doubling damage.

  • How to use Thunder Loop in a build

Due to the Thunder Loop’s random nature, it’s best to pair it with a weapon you can control more, such as Shadow Pinion/Valkyrie Turner or Knife/Thousand Edge. It has a natural synergy with King Bible/Unholy Vespers since both benefit from the Twilight Requiem Aracana, which causes additional explosion damage on top of normal damage. It also pairs well with Santa Water/La Borra when used with Tragic Princess, which lowers the cooldown as long as you’re moving.

7. No Future

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide (7)

  • How to get it

Power up Runetracer to level 8 and equip Armor as one of your passive items.

  • What it does

No Future fires a blue laser that bounces around the screen, passing through enemies and inflicting 30 damage as it passes. Each time it bounces off the edge of the screen, it causes a large explosion for extra damage. Each time something damages you, expect more explosion damage.

  • How to use No Future in a build

There’s really no wrong way to use No Future since it benefits from nearly every passive item. A good companion weapon is the Magic Wand/Holy Wand. Both can benefit from the Jail of Crystal Arcana (reach level 50 with Pasqualina), which gives you a 25% chance to freeze enemies. King Bible/Unholy Vespers or Lightning Ring/Thunder Loop are also good choices because No Future benefits from their required evolution items which boost duration and amount, respectively.

8. Mannajja

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide (8)

  • How to get it

Power up Song of Mana to level 8 and have Skull O’Maniac as one of your passive items.

  • What it does

Mannajja is an area-of-effect weapon that is always centered on the player. It extends from the top of the screen to the bottom and is over 300% wider than Song of Mana’s area of effect. Although each hit only inflicts 40 damage (not a lot in the late game), it also permanently slows down an enemy’s movement speed by 5% for each hit.

  • How to use Mannajja in a build

The most important stats for Mannajja are its area, cooldown, and duration. To maximize its effectiveness, you’ll want to pick up the Candelabrador, Empty Tome, and Spellbinder. Fully maxed out, these items will give you 50% more area, fire every 2.7 seconds, and persist for 3 seconds, meaning you won’t have to worry about a gap in your offense. Using the Arcana Blood Astronomia (reaching level 50 with Poe) will cause Mannajja to generate mini planets that spin into enemies, damaging them.

9. Gorgeous Moon

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide (9)

  • How to get it

Power up the Pentagram to level 8 and equip the Crown as one of your passive items.

  • What it does

Gorgeous Moon operates in three phases. The first kills the closest 20 enemies over a nine-second period. Three seconds later, it kills every enemy on screen (except for a few bosses), causing them to drop extra experience gems. Last, it pulls all experience gems on the level to your character. Unlike the Pentagram from which it evolves, Gorgeous Moon cannot destroy on-screen items.

  • How to use Gorgeous Moon in a build

Because Pentagram and Gorgeous Moon have a cooldown between 90 and 60 seconds, you’re going to want to get another weapon to keep you safe while you’re waiting for it to trigger again. Powering up the Empty Tome (which evolves the Magic Wand) to max-level will reduce that time by 40%. The only Arcana that directly affects Gorgeous Moon is Blood Astronomia which will place numerous instant-kill zones on the screen.

10. Infinite Corridor

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide (10)

  • How to get it

Level the Clock Lancet up to level 8 and equip both the Silver and Gold Rings at level 9

  • What it does

Infinite Corridor fires one beam per second across the screen, freezing anything it touches for 6 seconds. The beams fire in 12 different directions, rotating around the player like a clock. Every 12 seconds (when the beam reaches the 12 o’clock position), it reduces the health of every enemy on screen by half.

  • How to use Infinite Corridor in a build

This is the Death killer. When Death shows up at the 30-minute mark, it has over 650,000 HP, so killing it isn’t usually an option, but with Infinite Corridor, it becomes a possibility. The trick is to stay alive long enough to reduce its health to a manageable level. To pull this off, you’ll need to be fast (Wings), you’ll need to have a few Revives (the item Tiragisú and Awake from the Arcana [reach level 50 with Krochi]), and you’ll need a weapon (your choice). If you want to make it easier, you’ll want to evolve the Crimson Shroud, which limits enemy damage to 10, making the whole encounter almost trivial.

  • How to evolve weapons in Vampire Survivors

If you’re still new to Vampire Survivors, you may be wondering how to evolve your weapons past their basic forms. Once you’ve upgraded your weapon to its highest level and have the correct companion item at the required level, the evolution will be awarded to you in the next Treasure Chest (some exceptions apply), replacing the original weapon in your inventory.

Just because we called out these evolutions doesn’t mean you should be resistant to trying others. The beauty of Vampire Survivors is its replayability, and being able to experiment with different combinations of characters, weapons, and levels is where a lot of the fun lies. You’re also going to need something to keep you busy while you wait for the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC to land on mobile.

Source: Android Police