Best to Worst Class Tier List of Diablo 4

Looking for the best Diable classes? See our class rankings in this article.

Thus far, most of the discourse around the game has centered on the classes. Some are way off-balance, and others are slightly underpowered, but thankfully none are outright unplayable. It looks like Blizzard has some fine-tuning ahead of them before the release in June.

Diablo 4 Tier List

Best to Worst Class Tier List of Diablo 4 (1)

Usually, tier lists can be a bit subjective, but in Diablo 4’s case, the classes fall pretty clearly into these four ranks. True, certain classes can be stretched to their limit to overcome their shortcomings, but this list prioritizes ease of play and overall power.

  • S Rank – Sorcerer: Sorcerers occupy this tier alone thanks to their overpowered survivability and sheer damage output. While other classes are more balanced–and therefore tend to be more fun–the Sorcerer is the clear winner in every quantifiable category. Blizzard will most likely nerf this class severely before launch.
  • A Rank – Necromancer: Necromancers might not be powerful on the same scale as Sorcerers, but they’re arguably the best class to play solo. There’s a ton of build diversity to enjoy, and the Necromancer–while still overpowered–is much more balanced than the Sorcerer.
  • B Rank – Barbarian and Rogue: Barbarians are strong, hard to kill, and slightly underwhelming. They have a nice balance of challenge and accessibility that makes them an excellent choice for new Diablo players. The Rogue is impressive, but it does have a high skill ceiling. It takes a lot of effort to get it to do as much damage as the Necromancer, and even then, it has to rely on perfect positioning to stay survivable.
  • C Rank – Druid: The Druid got the short end of the stick this time around, but it isn’t all bad. They aren’t unplayable, but it does take a very specific Druid build to make them as powerful as they can be. This means that players are virtually tied to that build throughout the game, and that’s not great. This class will likely get buffed before launch.

Thankfully, this tier list doesn’t need a “D,” “E,” or “F” rank. None of these classes are outright unplayable or totally broken. No doubt, Blizzard has received a lot of feedback over the last couple of weeks. Here’s hoping they can turn that into a roster of balanced classes that’ll meet everyone’s expectations come launch day.

Diablo 4 launches June 6 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5.