Best Spell Combos in Hogwarts Legacy

The best spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy depend on how each individual piece of magic meshes with one another as players experiment during combat.

Best Spell Combos in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy offers around 34 spells for you to learn through main story quests and supplementary assignments, but with a limitation of four spells available at once during combat, certain combos take advantage of these unique arcana more than others. The magic behind fights in this game comes from discovering which spells work in tandem, usually determined by their type and functionality against specific enemies.

Each piece of magic in Hogwarts Legacy is divided into a category, ranging from Essential spells, Utility, and Transfiguration, or ones that directly correlate with combating, such as Control, Force, and Damage. As their nomenclature suggests, battle spells give you a means to damage enemies and impact the environment. For example, there are instances where you can win wizard duels by simply knocking their opponent out of an arena, a feat that becomes much easier when using a Force or Control spell rather than Damage.


Disillusionment Charm and Petrificus Totalus Combo

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The Disillusionment Charm is a utility spell that lets you to blend into your surroundings, this magic assists with stealth against many enemies, as it prevents detection when sneaking around. Potions in Hogwarts Legacy, such as the aptly named Invisibility Potion, accomplish this as well, but for a much shorter amount of time when compared to this spell.

TIP: You can learn the Disillusionment Charm via side-quest from Sebastian when investigating the Library’s Restricted Section.

When used on weaker enemies, the Petrificus Totalus spell binds them permanently, taking them out of potential battles early if you get the drop on them. While certainly having a place in active combat as well, stronger enemies only take a bit of damage with a slight chance of being stunned for a brief period. You should use Disillusionment in combination with Petrificus Totalus to thin herds of enemies before a big battle takes place, essentially making you future encounter far less chaotic through stealth and preparation, even in the later parts of Hogwarts Legacy if you upgrade either of these magics.

Protego, Stupefy, and Depulso Combo

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When you embark on the “On the Path to Hogwarts” quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you are taught how to cast Protego and Stupefy, two spells that naturally work together throughout the standard flow of any fight. However, while the former magic prevents a variety of damage and sometimes reflects attacks through a Perfect Protego, the latter spell doesn’t deal much damage in many situations, only stunning enemies to give you a chance to deal more damage with other offensive strikes.

TIP: The primary combo of these two seemingly defensive spells breaks enemy barriers and Shield charms, with the correct timing of Protego leading to an immediate Stupefy follow-up turns the tables on tougher foes.

If you keep a strong focus on both of these spells, you can break the defenses of your enemies while preventing yourself from taking damage nearly as often. Depulso remains a great Force spell in Hogwarts Legacy to support this strategy, as it provides a universal strike to all types of enemies by pushing them back and away from you should they get too close to initiate Protego.

Diffindo, Confringo, and Glacius Combo

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Moving on to a more offensive approach, the Glacius spell is categorized as Control due to the upgrades it eventually gets, allowing you to freeze enemies and increase the amount of damage you take when being hit by this magic. Acquired through a side assignment, “Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2”, Glacius combines well with the basic Damage spell that slashes enemies from a distance- Diffindo. While you could certainly use Diffindo with Incendio, as the former spell also has potency at short ranges, Incendio revolves around inconsistencies with the battlefield rather than a reliable combo that deals more damage with Glacius’ secondary effect.

NOTE: You can unlock Confringo by completing Jackdaw’s Rest main quest, followed by a broom-flying lesson.

The main story of Hogwarts Legacy has a quest called “In the Shadow of the Undercroft,” which gives you access to the Confringo spell, a Damage-type piece of magic that deals its damage through a long-range bolt that has a chance to set enemies on fire upon impact. Between Diffindo and Confringo, you can keep bosses or larger enemies at bay, as Glacius causes the freeze that gives enough space to retreat if needed.

Accio, Levioso, and Descendo Combos

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Despite the obvious benefits of spell combos that focus on offensive and defense respectfully, there is nuanced utility in spells that control enemies rather than directly confronting them. For example, Levioso, a Control spell taught after the first Defense Against the Dark Arts class, breaks yellow shields and raises enemies off the ground into a vulnerable state. Useful for solving various puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy, Levioso combos well in combat with Accio as well, as the latter Force spell pulls enemies towards you for a quick follow-up attack or into hazardous sections of the field for easy damage.

TIP: You can also use Accio to pull multiple enemies and use short-range spells such as Incendio.

If you are fighting enemies near a ledge, youcan use Levioso and Accio to drag lower-level foes off these cliffs for easy elimination. In situations where this exploitation may not work, the Descendo Force spell also works great, dealing huge amounts of damage after Levioso has been cast by slamming enemies into the ground from their airborne state. When you choose to upgrade your Ancient Magic in Hogwarts Legacy, spell combos like Levioso and Descendo become some of the best tools in the game for defeating singular targets incredibly quickly. There are many other combos and other tricks players can use when using multiple spells, however if players require other Spell Combinations, they can have a look at this video by JorRaptor that explains many combos in detail: