Best Shooter Games Free You Can Download Now On Appvn

We listed down standout shooter games free which are available on Appvn. Check out now for the best shooting games.

This list has first and third-person shooter games free with a variety of different mechanics so it might be a truer list of the best shooting games for Android.

AirAttack 2


AirAttack 2 is a top-down aerial shooter and a pretty decent one. The game plays as the classics do. You go level to level taking down opponents, bosses, etc. However, this one has surprisingly good graphics, simple controls, and a survival mission mode for those who like an extra challenge. The game also includes daily rewards, five airplanes, various upgrades, and support for Android TV along with external gamepads, mice, and keyboards. Oh, did we mention it’s offline-capable as well? This is one of the good ones in the genre.

Bullet Hell Monday 


Bullet Hell Monday is exactly what the doctor ordered if you just can’t get enough bullets on the screen. These three over-the-top aerial shooting games are pure arcade absurdity and we love every second of it. The games feature bright and colorful graphics, a chapter mode, simple controls, an easy mode (for beginners), and more. There are three games in the series. You have Bullet Hell Monday, Bullet Hell Monday Black, and Bullet Hell Monday Finale. You can start with whatever one you want. They all play about the same way.

Call of Duty: Mobile


Call of Duty: Mobile is the current king of the shooting games genre. It is insanely popular and it has enough game modes to keep things interesting. There is a 100-player battle royale mode along with your classic team deathmatches. Players unlock gear over time along with popular characters, equipment customizations, and more. It’s an online shooter so there are social elements as well. The game has the occasional bug and the game HUD has a bit of a learning curve. Otherwise, it’s a safe, popular option for shooter fans.

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Critical Ops


Critical Ops is one of the more popular shooting games out right now. It features decent graphics, an online multiplayer, tons of various weapons to pick up, and weapon skins to add a bit of customization. The control mechanics are fairly typical for a first-person shooter. There is always a learning curve when you play a shooter on a touch screen. Even so, it shouldn’t take long to figure everything out. The developers are quite active with this project so it gets frequent updates and improvements. We really like it. Infinity Ops is another decent game that has a lot of the same elements but has more sci-fi.

Fortnite – Gun Games Online


Fortnite is one of the more unique shooting games on Android. You’ve no doubt heard of it before. You drop from the sky, craft and find various items, kill all of your opponents, and become the last one standing to win the round. It has a massive following. The game mechanics are a little clunky on mobile, but that’s only because there are so many controls. We expect it to get better over time. You can also sync your account with other versions of the game to keep stuff like skins and other unlockable content. The game started out as a third-party download from Epic Games where it remains to this day. Hit the button below to learn how to install Fortnite

Garena Free Fire – Best Shooting Games On Appvn


Garena Free Fire is a popular online third-person shooter. It’s a battle royale-style game where you drop onto an island with 49 other people and duke it out for ten minutes. There are all of the battle royale elements people like. You find weapons, work your way through the safe zone, loot your enemies, and try to be the last person standing. The game also includes four-player squads with in-game voice chats. We like the social elements quite a bit with this one. It has a few bugs here and there but good luck finding a free-to-play shooter that doesn’t.

Into the Dead 2


Into the Dead 2 is a fun shooter hybrid. The game also includes infinite runner-style mechanics. You basically run through a giant horde of zombies forever. Survival is the goal. Some of the game features include decent graphics, a variety of weapons, a dog companion, some tower defense mechanics, and multiple endings. This is definitely something a little bit different in the shooter space. However, it’s a surprisingly deep game considering that it’s freemium.



Morphite is one of the newer shooting games. It was also one of the best games of 2017. It features decent graphics, vast exploration, and various missions. The game is a little bit like a mobile version of No Man’s Sky. The planets are randomly generated. Thus, no two worlds are the same. The free version of Morphite gives you two story missions and unlimited exploring. It’s a rare pay-once game in a field of freemium titles. Thankfully, it’s also pretty good.

PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile is another battle royale shooter and the first truly popular one on mobile. You drop onto an island from a plane. From there, you grab weapons, equipment, and vehicles. The goal is to be the last person standing at the end of the match. The regular version is a 100 person free for all while the Lite version scales that back to 50 to work better on lower-end devices. It’s a much drier experience than Fortnite because of Fortnite’s crafting system. However, some people prefer a slightly more realistic experience over the more arcade experience of Fortnite. You really can’t go wrong either way except PUBG is available on Google Play and Fortnite is not.

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Sky Force Reloaded


Sky Force Reloaded is one of the best top-down shooters on all of mobile. Like most games in the genre, you pilot an aircraft and you must muscle your way through a bunch of bad guys. The game also includes upgradeable weapons and armor, in-level objectives, and more. The graphics are surprisingly excellent and the mechanics are simple to master. There are also buff cards and other things to help boost your chances of success as well as your score. It’s a lot of fun and there really isn’t a whole lot wrong with it.

Zombie Gunship Survival


Zombie Gunship Survival is one of the more unique shooting games on the list. Technically, it’s a first-person shooter. However, you’re mounted in a helicopter and you’re gunning down hordes of zombies from the air. The fun black-and-white graphics mixed with the oddly satisfying gameplay makes for something a little different in the genre. Some of the game features include various types of zombies, a tower defense and strategy game element to the mechanics, and plenty of stuff to unlock. This game had a bit of a shaky start, but it seems to be in the zone now.

If we missed any of the best shooting games free on Appvn, tell us about them in the comments!

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