Best Free Mobile Games Released Last Week On Appvn (08/11/21 – 14/11/21)

Welcome to our roundup of the best free mobiles game recently landed on Appvn. Today’s list is broken up into several genres. So whatever your taste is, this list will have you covered.

Last week we had a fresh version of PUBG, a straightforward yet enthralling skateboarding game, and Sega’s latest Football Manager sim. So without further ado, here are the new and notable best free mobile games.

List of new best free phone games

PUBG: New State – Mobile game of the week

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It’s been a banger of a week, with tons of quality releases, so I figured I’d start today’s roundup with the most popular game to drop this week (10-million installs already). That game is PUBG: New State, and it hardly needs an introduction. This is the latest version of PUBG, and it comes from Krafton. It is not an offshoot, but it’s not a sequel either. It’s more or less PUBG with a new engine and some slight gameplay tweaks.

Is PUBG: New State Worth Playing? Review Of New PUBG Game

This means it is a skill-based game, and since there is no way to pay to win, the competition is balanced well. Sure, the cosmetic store is still here, and it does get pricey, but you can also ignore it if you just want to shoot some fools. There is no controller support, you will have to play with the touchscreen, and the game can be demanding for low-end phones. But beyond that, it looks great and runs fine on high-end hardware. While the launch was a little rough, Krafton has been busy squashing bugs.

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Football Manager 2022 Mobile

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Sega has clearly found a niche with its Football Manager franchise, with yearly releases across a multitude of platforms. The latest version for mobile is now available, offering new mechanics to help people get into matches faster, along with new leagues and scouting tools. Oddly enough, the Mobile version used to land with a Touch version in tow, but it would appear the Touch version is now relegated to the Nintendo Switch only.

Luckily Football Manager 2022 Mobile offers support across a wide range of hardware, including tablets and Chromebooks.

QB Planets

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If you’ve ever dreamed of playing a game that offers the fun of a Rubix Cube while also offering a cute story and exceptional graphics, then look no further than QB Planets. Your goal is to find a safe route to your ship. And to get there, you’ll twist the blocks in the puzzle to line things up. At first, this is easy, but things grow challenging fast, but this is what keeps the gameplay exciting. Plus, there’s an AR mode for those that want to show off their puzzle-solving skills to their friends and family in a real-world setting.

Wingspan: The Board Game

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If you’re big into board games or birding, then you should probably check out Wingspan: The Board Game. This is a strategy card game for one to five players, and it’s a hoot. The goal, of course, is to attract the best birds around by chaining card combinations in your habitats. Like most strategy games, familiarity is the key to success, so those who have played the physical version will have a leg up over those playing for their first time.

Luckily you can play solo to brush up on your skills before you take on a round with live players.

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Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster

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Square Enix has released the fifth pixel remaster for its Final Fantasy titles, and just like the last four entries, the game is overpriced and missing standard features.

While the new pixel graphics are nice, and the touch controls are fine enough, Square’s track record on mobile is awful, to the point that it removed the old Final Fantasy titles when releasing these remasters, which were mostly abandoned, to begin with.

The Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Is Out Now!

Casting Away

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I’m a big fan of fishing games, and since Casting Away is a new fishing game, I just had to check it out. While the act of fishing is fine enough, things move at a snail’s pace, and there are ads everywhere. Timers are also a problem, though at least the dev allows users to skip the tutorial.

Sure the graphics and presentation are excellent, but the uninteresting town-building mechanic shows this game was designed to keep people coming back instead of being designed around enjoyable gameplay.

Joy Tracks

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Joy Tracks is a cute collection and decoration game from HyperBeard, a studio that has certainly found its niche as it pumps out kawaii games. The goal is to build out your train while also decorating its interiors. You’ll travel from station to station meeting interesting characters, which helps you earn the currencies you can use to expand your train.

Mudoku: Chinese Woodcraft

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As much as I want to like Mudoku: Chinese Woodcraft, the game is excruciatingly slow, but not in a relaxing way, just super slow to transition its screens, which is annoying.

The graphics in the wood-crafting section are pretty good, where the gameplay revolves around removing sections of wood to fit pieces together in order to build your target object. This can be fun, and the controls work well. So here’s hoping the developer speeds up the rest of the game’s content so that we aren’t constantly staring at transitional screens and animations when we aren’t solving wood-based puzzles.

Downhill Legend

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Downhill Legend is a simple downhill game where the goal is to make it to the bottom of the hill. It’s a bit like an auto-runner, as you’ll collect coins as you roll down the hill, which can be used for upgrades, the basis of the game’s advancement. As I said, it’s a simple game, but it’s a fine enough time waster, though there is currently no way to remove the title’s ads. Here’s hoping the developer eventually adds a premium unlock to remove those annoying ads.

Charge Up 3D!

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If you’re looking for something extremely casual this week, why not try Charge Up 3D? The goal, to move your way up the screen by using your power cord to make your way up each level’s walls. It’s like a reverse of Downwell, with an enjoyable climbing mechanic. Best of all, this is a fresh release that’s yet to be monetized, so now is the best time to check it out before ads or IAPs are shoved into the title.

Roll20 Companion

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Roll20 Companion is exactly that, a companion app for Roll20. What is Roll20? Well, that’s a website that offers a bunch of tools to play virtual tabletop RPGs. So as you can guess, this app ties into the service, though it’s currently pretty limited. You can view your characters, but you can’t create any with this app, which is odd as the app feels like a PWA, so you’d think it would offer the same features as the website.

Of course, this is a fresh release, so it’s a work in progress, so perhaps character creation and the other missing features will land in the app at a later date. Still, if you’re looking to tote your Roll20 characters with you wherever you go, then this is the app for you.

Bowling Ballers

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Netflix is apparently serious about its mobile game offerings, and so we have a new release for its catalog this week. This game is called Bowling Ballers, and it’s a casual endless runner that offers a bowling theme. A subscription to Netflix is required to play despite the fact the game is listed for free on the Play Store. While I wouldn’t call the game great, it’s a competent time waster that won’t break the bank if you already happen to have a Netflix sub.

Blue Archive – One of best free mobile games

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If you’re looking for a fresh strategy RPG experience full of cute anime girls, Blue Archive may just be the place for you. Combining the trials of youth with the thrill of the military through 3D battles and exciting stories, Blue Archive puts you in the role of advisor to the huge academy city, the Federal Investigation Club. Your task? To help guide the girls through their hectic lives as they find love, and dive into school clubs and academic events.

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Eternal Saga: Region Tactics

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Gamevil’s latest game is a large-scale war-based RPG. It’s called Eternal Saga : Region Tactics, and you’ll create a group of mercenaries to take on massive battles against large armies. It’s nothing we haven’t seen a thousand times over, where skill rarely, if ever, matters. Winning or losing feels more like flipping a coin, and since this is a gacha game, it’s stuffed with in-app purchases. It’s a typical brain-dead gacha game, it’s as generic as they come, and there’s are no redeeming qualities. A cash-grab, if you will, and it’s easily skipped.

Seven Knights 2

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It’s a busy week for game releases, and Netmarble has a big one with Seven Knights 2. This is the sequel to the first game, a popular free-to-play RPG, though it would seem the style has changed from anime-like graphics to something a little more realistic.

Bub’s Puzzle Blast!

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It’s amazing to me that after the last free-to-play Puzzle Bobble game failed spectacularly, someone made another one. That’s right, instead of finally developing a true console-quality Puzzle Bobble game that would be perfect for mobile play, we get yet another brain-dead match-3 game filled with false walls and plenty of in-app purchases to remove those walls.

This is why there is a village decoration mechanic, to keep people coming back to grind for town decorations. It’s disgusting, honestly, and I, for one, am so sick of nostalgic properties being abused to make a quick buck with the laziest game designs ever.

Ragnarok Origin

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Ragnarok Origin is a mobile version meant to harken back to the PC release of Ragnarok Online from 2002. Gravity is hoping this mobile release will allow old and new players to dive into the land of Midgard on mobile.

Ragnarok Online is an MMORPG based on the Korean manhwa by Myung-Jin. It is developed by Gravity Interactive and has gone through numerous updates and iterations, including the Renewal servers and Ragnarok Transendance.

The game boasts improved graphics, battles and quests promising to be more immersive than ever. Additionally, the MMORPG will include plenty of customization options where you can create your own unique hero to take on the legends. Whether acting alone with Ragnarok’s mercenary system or joining a guild with friends, you’ll be able to take on monsters or other players in a range of gameplay modes.

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Revived Witch

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Revived Witch is a pixel-art mobile RPG with anime character layouts. Players will start their journey as a witch with a memory loss, and travel through parallel worlds, trying to unveil the secrets about the big war that almost jeopardized everything.

Plant with Care – One of new best free mobile games

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Plant with Care is a wonderful puzzle game that offers pleasant graphics and enjoyable gameplay. The goal, to feed your family, but since you only have so much room to grow food on your plot of land, you’ll have to carefully pick and choose what to grow so that you end up with the ingredients you need.

This is a stress-free game, something to wind down with at the end of a long day. No internet is necessary to play (once the game is installed), and since this is a premium release, what you see is what you get, and what you get is an enjoyable puzzler.

Super Mombo Quest

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If you’re looking for an excellent platforming Metroidvania game, look no further than Super Mombo Quest. The game offers polished touchscreen controls, plus there’s controller support that suits Chromebooks and tablets.

The game is challenging, but it’s also really fun, especially when you unlock new forms to get past previous roadblocks. The pixel-art is great, and since the game is free-to-play, anyone can jump in, and if you prefer a premium experience, you can pay to remove the game’s advertisements. All around, this is a clever and enjoyable Metroidvania title, so don’t miss out.

One Night at Flumpty’s 3

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Five Nights at Freddy‘s is a popular horror series with kids, and One Night at Flumpty’s is a parody of that series that plays the same. This particular release is the third title in the Glumpty series, and it had a bit of a rough start seeing that many people couldn’t even boot the game. But since new releases often falter, this shouldn’t come as a shock, and luckily the game runs now, offering a jump-scare-filled game of hiding and seeking. So if you’re a fan of FNaF, then you’ll assuredly get a kick out of One Night at Flumpty’s 3.

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DogLife: BitLife Dogs

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You may have never heard of it, but BitLife is something of a popular text-based life sim, and DogLife is an offshoot title where you’ll fill the role of a dog. When you start, there are a few different breed choices, and then it’s off to the races to live the life of that dog. More or less, this is a text-adventure game, and your choices are yours to make.

So will you live out the life of a shelter dog, or will you explore what the life of a pure breed has in store? Best of all, this is a reasonably priced game, which means you can play for free while also having the option to pay to remove the game’s ads if you prefer a premium experience.

Tales of Luminaria

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Tales of Luminaria came as a bit of a surprise to many people, myself included. It was announced just over a year after the worldwide release of the previous Tales mobile game, Crestoria, which had taken several years to release alone, and was coming hot on the heels of Tales of Arise, the first new “mothership” title in five years.

What’s more, this would be unlike every other Tales mobile game in that it would only feature new characters, telling an original story, with a full English dub, and it would be a real-time action game…in portrait orientation.

Rappelz Online

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Even though the Play Store description insinuates that this is the same as the classic free-to-play MMO, it’s not. This mobile title resembles the gameplay of every other free-to-play mobile MMO, and the only similarity between this release and the original MMO of the same name is the name and music.

While the graphics are superb, the gameplay is anything but, where auto-play is included, along with a boatload of alerts and all of the other annoyances mobile MMOs are known for. More or less, this release plays like an idle game, and it’s extremely linear. Plus, the game is stuffed with greedy monetization. So once again, a mobile title is using the name of a better game to attain players.

There are new best free mobile games released last week. If you have any game in mind for the next issue of the roundup, feel free to let us know.



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