Best Fighting Games for Android in 2022

Looking for a list of the best fighting games for Android that you can play on your phone or tablet? Look no further, here is the top list.

The following list of popular fighting games for Android is surprisingly diverse. We’ve got scrolling scrappers, single-screen beat-’em-ups, arena brawlers, and plenty of other stuff that slips into the gaps in between.

They’re all fighting games, though, and they can all be played on your Android phone or tablet. Can’t see your favourite? Pick a fight in the comments section below, if you think you’re hard enough.



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The name and publisher might have changed, but following its relaunch Skullgirls remains one of the most thoughtful console title reworkings on mobile. The graphics are stunning, the touch controls work brilliantly, and the combat is fast and fluid.

There’s really no better title to kick off our list than this great-looking action fighter where you get to beat your friends up! You should also read some useful Skullgirls tips to help you land better punches – who wouldn’t want that?

Beat Street

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Beat-’em-ups don’t need to be complex multi-button affairs. Beat Street shows you how to get that old-school scrolling brawler to feel with just a single control input – and it plays great.

The mini pixel graphics take us back to the old-style console games, but in reality, it’s just as good as it gets. Beat Street is one of the best fighting games for Android with a truly hands-on approach, and by all means, you should give it a try.


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One of the most popular platform fighters around gets a strong mobile conversion. Brawlhalla wears its Smash Bros. influence on its sleeve, but it’s no lesser a free brawler for it.

Pack a team of up to 8 brawl-hungry players and put them in an arena together. The result? A brilliant fighting game that packs a great punch and feels at home on Android devices. We have a tier list of Brawlhalla characters, so if you’re just starting out, make sure to check it out!

Bloody Bastards

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Bloody Bastards is a clever fighting game like no other, really. The controls are extremely simple, and it has some sleek ragdoll action to knock your socks off. It’s a fun-looking title that gets better and better with each battle. We have also compiled a couple of useful tips for Bloody Bastards that will help you out with the basics when you first start playing the game.

Furthermore, you’ve got some outstanding customizations that will clearly make you love it even more. I mean, who doesn’t love dorky pixel fighting games?


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Grimvalor is a wonderful mix of hack-and-slash, RPG, fighting and platformer. The game is free to try, but to unlock the complete experience you’ll have to make a one time purchase. We think it’s a fair model, you can play-test it and decide whether it’s worth your time (and money) or not.

The story could be a bit better, but it’s in the range of most Android fighting games anyway. Fans of the genre aren’t really looking for a compelling and gripping narrative, most of them just want to bash some skulls and call it a day. Combat is satisfying and completely skill-based, and that’s what’s important, right?

Punch Club

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What’s this? A fighting game in which you don’t actually fight? Punch Club instead asks you to train up an MMA fighter and guide him to greatness.

There’s always something special about titles like this where you can just enjoy a more laid-back fighting experience. It basically takes you right into the core, where the action happens, and then hands you the reins to do as you please. It’s definitely worth a feature in our best Android fighting games list!

Read the Punch Club review if you are curious to learn more about this Android fighting game.

Comix Zone Classic

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This arcade beat ’em up first saw the light of…consoles back in ’95. The most interesting element is the one similar to what Deadpool as a character implemented first: it’s breaking of the fourth wall and reacting to the world outside of the comic. As the title states, Comix Zone is really a comic where the main protagonist moves through the slides and beats up the bad guys. The paradox is that he is a comic artist that got stuck in one of his own creations, and now he’ll have to move through the villains and the deviant world he created to get out.

The concept is really engaging, and it’s one of those fighting games that aren’t easy to forget.

Dragon Ball Legends

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The name doesn’t quite say it all – Dragon Ball Legends is a finely poised fighter where timing and strategy take precedent over button mashing and aggression. Of course, there is the mandatory button mashing (since we’re talking about Dragon Ball), but it’s a strategic fighter where you really need to watch every single move your opponent makes.

You will put together a team of your favourite Saiyans (or Androids even, who am I to judge) and show off your skills in both melee and ranged combat. It’s a finely tuned title and easily one of the best fighting games for mobile phones and tablets.

Ronin: The Last Samurai

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Ronin: The Last Samurai’s brand of action is so slick and friction-free, that you can almost forget what a brutal hack-and-slasher it is. Swipe and tap to dash, slice and parry, leaving a trail of claret in your wake.

The graphics in Ronin are also something to behold – it makes use of what looks like traditional Japanese hand-drawn characters and environments, which only work by adding more layers to this masterpiece.

One Punch

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No, it’s not One Punch Man – it’s just One Punch. This terrific title is fun, featuring simple and intuitive tap controls. All you need to do is fight the bag and try not to run into it or miss – think of it as a training fighting game!

One Punch has some simple and colourful pixel graphics to spice things up, and it might come as a surprise, but it’s actually exceptionally well-made!

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