Beginners’ guide to play Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

How can newbies play Valiant Hearts: Coming Home for newbies? Read this article and find the answer!

Games delivers another gem on its premium gaming platform; this time, it’s the (much appreciated) sequel to Valiant Hearts: The Great War. In Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, you’re thrown into an emotionally turbulent split narrative that re-tells the events of World War I. Playing through this sequel helps you understand what it means to be a wartime hero from various perspectives. However, even if Coming Home is a work of fiction, it doesn’t fail to tug at your heartstrings while making appropriate references to important historical events. So if this is your first time playing a game like Valiant Hearts: Coming Home on your trusty Android phone, we’ve put together a handy beginner’s guide to run down the title’s primary mechanics, as it’s easily one of Android’s best games.

1. How to play Valiant Hearts: Coming Home through Netflix Games

Netflix Games’ Valiant Hearts: Coming Home can be best described as an interactive narrative featuring actual historical events. Players will exclusively use touch controls to maneuver characters, complete puzzles, and play through minigames.

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The game features auto-saves between sections, and you can replay any completed chapters/episodes by choosing them from the start screen.

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Swapping character perspectives

The story unfolds in episodic installments featuring a central character in each section. There are three chapters in total: 7 episodes for Chapters 1 and 2, and 5 for Chapter 3. After finishing an episode, the game auto-progresses you to the next.

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Playing the minigames

Completing the minigames in each section moves you to the next story arc in that chapter, encountering minigames such as a music rhythm game where you tap on-screen notes and dodge obstacles while piloting a plane. Even if you fail the first time, you can just re-start the minigame — Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is a forgiving game.

Each puzzle section can be completed in a specific order; NPCs often give you a hint about the direction and item required for the puzzle’s solution.

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Puzzle hints in Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

Some puzzles require collaboration to access items; you see this with Anna and the dog during Chapter 2 (episode 2). Stand by the area and tap on the dog to access areas you couldn’t otherwise.

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Tip: If you’re ever stuck, say you can’t reach an item, try moving a block (like a crate) to climb and jump to the item’s location. Otherwise, try finding a stick to fix a switch or throw it at the hanging object. Some puzzles use mechanisms to get the object in the right place.

2. Finding collectibles

Every episode offers collectibles you can pick up: objects and facts. In addition, characters have diary entries that add to their story. The collectible facts and objects outline true, non-fictional events and props used during World War I. So if you’re here to brush up on your world history, Netflix’s Valiant Hearts: Coming Home might be the title to load up.

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Tip: Obtainable items will have a shine/gloss, so before moving on to the next area/objective, try to reach those shiny/glossy items — it’s likely a collectible. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home Guide (9)

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3. Netflix’s Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is a superb sequel everyone should play

Netflix Games adds life to its library by bringing a narrative-driven puzzle game about wartime friendships and survival. Given the high production value this entry offers, it’s yet another remarkable Netflix Game to procure for your collection on Android. And if you missed out on playing the first game, Valiant Hearts: The Great War (it’s not required to play to understand the sequel) is a self-contained story and only shares a few characters/themes. So if you’re eyeing to see some of the juiciest exclusives Netflix Games offers, grab the download below or head on to Netflix Games to begin installing the app.

Source: Android Police