Appvn Guideline 2022: How to Download Games and Apps on Appvn App

By using Appvn app version, you can download your favorite games and apps with just some simple steps.

Appvn is one of the best Android game/ app downloaders. Till its first launch, it has many updates, one of those is the release of app version. For those who are new to this version of Appvn, these easy step-by-step guides will help you to download games and apps on the platform!

Step 1: Open Appvn site via: On the top right corner of site, click on the arrow-square-down icon. You will be directed to Appvn app downloading page.

Step 1

Step 2: On the page, click on “Install now” to download Appvn app version. Once done, open the app.

appvn-guideline-2022-how-to-download-games-and-apps-on-appvn-app 0
Step 2

Step 3: On the top of Appvn app interface, you will see a search bar, press on that bar and type your wanted game/ app.

appvn-guideline-2022-how-to-download-games-and-apps-on-appvn-app 1
Step 3

Step 4: Here comes a list of the same name, same feature games/ apps. Press on the exact game/app you need (based on the avatar).

appvn-guideline-2022-how-to-download-games-and-apps-on-appvn-app 2
Step 4

Step 5: Your wanted game/app will appear on screen with relevant information. To download, press on “download” button or press on “version” then choose the latest link version (Links are arranged from newest to oldest)

appvn-guideline-2022-how-to-download-games-and-apps-on-appvn-app 3
Step 5

Step 6: Now the downloading process will start. During that process, you may be asked “Do you want to install this app”. Confirm by pressing on “install”

appvn-guideline-2022-how-to-download-games-and-apps-on-appvn-app 5
Step 6

Step 7: Is everything done? Now, press on “open” and enjoy your game/ app.

appvn-guideline-2022-how-to-download-games-and-apps-on-appvn-app 6
Step 7

For downloading app/game on Appvn site, please click on this link:

Appvn Guideline 2022: How to Download Games and Apps on Appvn Site


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