Amazing Apps To Expand Your EURO 2021 Streaming Night

Prepare for a golden summer and get the most out of the tournament with our must-have apps for the Euros. From games to betting tips, these apps will ensure you get the most out of every match. 

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Tea Sport Live

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This is a Euro 2020 essential. Keep up to date with every goal, penalty and red card with the UEFA Euro live app. You’ll get coverage of each game and receive team updates and competition news as well access to the official fixtures and standings. You’ll receive full event schedules and locations plus info on fan meeting points.

Tea Sport Live is also your perfect companion for checking scores in a hurry. The app is quick to update and with the option to turn on notifications, you’ll never miss out on real-time results. Watch live matches or check out team line-ups and stats. The app’s coverage now extends from the Coupe de France, to the Chinese Super League, so you can keep up to date with games across the continents before and after the Euros kick-off.

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BBC Sport

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For breaking news during Euro 2020 and beyond, the BBC Sport app is the best way to keep up to date with all of the action. You’ll have access to live scores, match stats and in-depth analyses of the games. Choose which teams you want to receive updates for and turn on notifications to receive personalized alerts to your phone. Want to see that goal again? Play it back with on-demand highlights.

Stats Zone

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Stats Zone allows you to analyze, dissect and number-crunch every single match in the Euros. You’ll have live access to every pass, tackle, interception and foul. Any data point you can think of, Stats Zone will provide visualizations for it. Compare teams and players in any specific match period and use the animated chalkboards to share your comparisons across your social accounts.

Score! Hero

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Ever wanted to relive some of the most iconic goals in the Euros? Better still, you could score them yourself, kind of! Take control of your favorite player in Score! Hero. Play in some of the biggest teams in the world on this mobile-optimized game. With over 800 levels, you’ll never have a dull moment throughout Euro 2020.


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Keep track of scores, catch up on team news and read player stats on the free SofaScore app. Check out your team’s stats as they play live and see how they compare to other teams in the tournament. The app also provides ratings for your players using an Opta-based algorithm.

Place your predictions and never miss a second of this year’s Euros with our 10 must-have apps. Get into the spirit early and download them today from Appvn


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