All Things To Know About Skyweaver NFT Game

Is there an NFT game with strong playability, excellent graphics, and doesn’t require any NFT drops or investment? The answer for you is SkyWeaver NFT game!

This topic will answer all questions like: What is Skyweaver? How to play and earn in SkyWeaver NFT game? So, if you want to find some interesting information or if you want to have some instruction to play this game, read our topic and discover!

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What is SkyWeaver?

SkyWeaver NFT game is a trading card game where players can gain new cards by winning battles and impr oving rankings. All cards are stored on Ethereum in the form of ERC-1155.

Horizon BlockchainGames, the developer company of this game, said they looking forward this will be a whole new marvelous adventure for both NFT gamers and venture fans!

Explore the game now by following download link:

Skyweaver download

So, what makes Skyweaver be one of the most standout adventure NFT games of 2021? Let’s find out below!

SkyWeaver NFT Game Key Features

High card design quality:

all-things-to-know-about-skyweaver-nft-game 1

The main planner is indeed a designer from “Magic: The Gathering”, SkyWeaver’s card design is of high quality. The Beta version now has 352 cards, and each card has its own unique function, and there are almost no two cards that can be replaced with each other. Later, some powerful cards will be selected for your analysis.

Beautiful card style:

all-things-to-know-about-skyweaver-nft-game 2

The SkyWeaver NFT card style is very comfortable to look at, and the layout of each card fits the role of the card. SkyWeaver has also made some differences in the appearance of the entourage cards and spell cards, so that beginners can get familiar with the game more quickly. Some cards are also very funny, such as “Wolverine” seems to have entered SkyWeaver.

Complete data statistics:

SkyWeaver NFT trading card game can view other players’ match information, ladder rankings, deck rankings, player information, deck information, etc., and even through decks The code is directly imported into other people’s decks. This is a place that surprises players very much.

As a card player, I very much hope to understand the game environment: what card strengths, the restraint relationship between decks, and the progress of other players. This information allows players to better adjust their decks and enjoy the real fun of card games. Even successful card games like Hearthstone cannot view this information in the game.

SkyWeaver makes people feel that it is really a blockchain game. All the data is open and transparent and can be queried. Players can also extract some market information from this data, and then buy and sell cards in a targeted manner.

High degree of game completion:

In the “rampant” chain game market in futures, SkyWeaver’s conduct of direct internal testing without pre-sales is indeed a clear flow. The basic functions of the game have been completed, and players can play as long as they have a test code. It is foreseeable that after the test adjustments, the game will soon meet with the public.

Strong Playability

all-things-to-know-about-skyweaver-nft-game 3

The last point is the most important playability. To be honest, this game is not a kind of brainless game, but a type of strategy. It is better to talk about the order of different cards, the contrast between cards, and the selection of cards in the deck, so there will be a little bit Threshold, but it is the richer strategy that increases the playability of this game.

With all that great function, you may immediately want to download and play this game, but you don’t know how to play or earn in the game? If so, we are here with the simplest instruction for those who are new to the game!

How to play SkyWeaver NFT game? 

To play SkyWeaver, you need to grasp these definitions:

Card economy

all-things-to-know-about-skyweaver-nft-game 4

SkyWeaver has three levels of cards: basic card, silver card and gold card.

Basic cards: These cards are not tradable. They are tied to your SkyWeaver account and obtained through level upgrades.
Silver Cards: Can be traded, they can be obtained through ranking rewards and conquering modes.
Gold Card: It can be traded, but it can only be obtained through the conquest mod.

How does the weekly gold medal work?

Let’s imagine that in the first week, the eight gold choices available are Fun Guy, Pandora, Libra, Gemini, Unstoppable Chop, Burninate, Anchor Drop, and Dual Boot. In one week, 50 interesting guys were won by conquering. This means there will always be 50 Gold Fun Guys*.

Therefore, the more conquests performed in a given week, the higher the supply of these weekly gold coins. This also means that all cards need time to exist as gold coins because we have 500 cards and are counted in the game. Remember, players can only buy silver and gold medals from other players. Horizon does not sell cards.

How to get a silver card? 

There are 3 way to get a silver card in skyweaver play to earn game:

  • Win weekly ranking rewards
  • From other participants in the market
  • Conquer mode to win the game

How to get gold card?

There are 2 ways to win a gold card in SkyWeaver:

  • Win all games in Conquest mode
  • From other participants in the market

What is conquest mode?

all-things-to-know-about-skyweaver-nft-game 5

Enter with a kind of life. If you lose, you are out. Win once or twice to get a tradable silver card! Win three games to get a rare gold card for tradeable trophies!

Conquest is the next level of competition in SkyWeaver: a single-elimination-style PvP experience, you can trade with 1 silver card or 1 test DAI to enter. If you lose, all you will get is XP, but if you win, you will get prestige and tradable rewards in Sky.

What is weekly ranking rewards?

A certain number of silver medals will be distributed every week to the top players on the ranking construction and discovery leaderboards. We call it ranking rewards.

The higher you are on the leaderboard, the more silver cards you will get! The allocation is based on a comprehensive list, sorting players in the apprenticeship ranking and above. Then, these players will be sorted by their position in each level (ie Scholar#13 is higher than Apprentice#4).

Weekly ranking rewards give skilled players an opportunity to try and conquer for free by winning silver medals and using or selling their conquest items. In the final testing phase, all players have the opportunity to try the free conquest, because we give each player 50 test DAI.

What is SkyWeaver Marketplace?

The SkyWeaver market is a peer-to-peer market where players can trade and buy cards directly in the game. Here, you can buy silver and gold cards directly from other players. Moreover, you will be able to sell the cards you own. This is an open player-driven market, which means that the price of cards is not determined by the horizon, but by the players.

SkyWeaver Play To Earn Mode

Ranking game-because this is a strategy game, the player who can reach the top of the ranking will get the most rewards. There is a season at the end of each week, and these players will get tradable cards that you can sell or use in your next battle.

Conquer-is the next level of competition provided by Sky Weaver to its players. If you lose, you will be out of the game and win once or twice and get a tradable silver medal. Win three times and unlock a rare and tradeable gold card that you can sell or use in your next battle.


From the perspective of internal test results, SkyWeaver NFT Game is at the top level in the chain game, with excellent art and a mature game experience. Through the battle, you can get tradable cards to gain income. It seems that there will be strong competitiveness, but no currency has been issued yet.

Thank you for reading!

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