All New NFT Games December 2021 To Earn Cryptocurrency

What latest NFT games December 2021 releases that gamers shouldn’t miss? To answer above question, let’s walk through this roundup. 

2021 is a booming year for blockchain in general and NFT games in particular. We witnessed this field breaks numerous admirable records. As a perfect ending for a successful year, December also shows up with a bunch of new hottest play-to-earn games. Among those, we listed down the most standout names and also included brief details and download links. No more words, let’s read and discover.

List Of New NFT Games December 2021

Thetan Arena – The Next Axie Infinity

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Thetan Arena is an e-sport game based on Blockchain technology. You can gather your friends, form a team, battle with others and earn token rewards with just your skills. Thetan Arena’s gameplay is designed to revolve around the combination of your personal skills and teamwork. Challenge yourself with various game modes: MOBA & Battle Royale, coming with monthly updates and attractive rewards.

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Crypto Sword & Magic for Klaytn

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Crypto Sword & Magic is a traditional RPG game that raises heroes and challenges new dungeons. Data of all heroes, equipment, and pets are recorded on the blockchain, and the game logic works on the Smart Contract. Even when you are not playing the game, you can always play with others in a mercenary mode.

CHOJO App – Crypto Girls Arena

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SEVENTAGE had just officially launched their latest mobile game title CHOJO CryptoGirlsArena that will be available for PC, Android and iOS.

The theme of this game is “martial arts and beautiful girls”, a blockchain RPG that allows players to experience fierce battles. Players train fighters with various characteristics to achieve their dreams of “the top” together. The Chase. The film follows the fighters as they grow through the martial arts, and the fighters’ NFT assets by crossing the narrative and blockchain gaming ecosystem.

The game is being developed and operated with the support of “MCH+”, a development support program that leverages the technology and know-how of “My Crypto Heroes”, the world’s number one blockchain game in terms of transactions.

Turbo 84 – Earn Real Bitcoin

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Win bitcoin by playing game? What could be more interesting than that? Turbo 84 is a racing NFT game. Turbo 84′ is a simple racing game, but belongs to the crypto games or bitcoin games genre. In such games, you can earn real money, BTC, or other crypto and cash out. Later you can trade your claimed sats for other cryptocurrencies like Etherium, XRP, Cardano, Stellar, USD Coin, Chainlink, Uniswap, Polkadot, Dogecoin or any other recommended by the crypto desk.


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Brave Frontier Heroes” is the world’s No. 1 blockchain game “My Crypto Heroes” and a series of over 38 million DL application games “Brave Frontier”, which is a super-full blockchain game. Enjoy 5-5 strategic battles with supreme dot animation and a renewed battle system.

Pagan Gods

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Play “3-in-row” to win PvP and get $FUR+NFTs, send your teams to campaigns, battle, and earn!

Pagan Gods is one of the worlds of Ino. Worlds universe, which takes place in ancient Slavic countries. Mythical creatures, spirits and Gods – fight with them to acquire glory, fame, and treasures!


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Dispatch heroes with easy controls, challenge the battle against extraterrestrials, and earn Bitcoins and IOST in every aspect of the game, including raid boss battles, dispatching heroes, events, the market, and more!


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My Crypto Heroes is a turn-based battle game. Gather historical heroes, level them up, acquire extensions, and aim to be at the top of the Crypto World. This game features quests, weekly tournaments, and a ranked battle system.

MyCryptoSaga APP

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Dive into the world of Blockchain gaming with the world’s No.1 Blockchain game “MyCryptoHeroes”. We use Blockchain technology to give you full ownership over your heroes and weapons. Battle with them inside the game, then trade them for higher value outside.

Your time, investment, and passion becomes your assets. Build the value of your heroes and weapons by playing and winning inside the game.

Reality Clash: AR Combat Game

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Reality Clash is an augmented reality FPS game where you compete in battles in unique virtual environments. Play the game in the real and virtual world: build and customise unique guns but most importantly – defeat your enemies in this ‘first of a kind’ competitive AR shooter.

Ether Legends

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Ether Legends TCG is an artful, lighthearted NFT blockchain collectible trading card game, powered by Enjin, Polygon and the Ethereum Network. Play to Earn! Blockchain NFT Collectible Trading Card Game where you can collect NFT characters and companions. Battle, play and earn in the Ether Legends Arena PvP TCG.

CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Game

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CropBytes is a fun farming simulation game with a twist. It’s not just about growing crops, but about growing a crypto farm. It’s a game where you can grow and trade your goods in an open economy that’s powered by crypto. A good strategy will help you make returns!

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