All New Games Of Last Week On Appvn (29/11/21 – 05/12/21)

It’s time for doing a round-up of new games that landed on Appvn last week. This list will cover a wide range of games from every hottest genre include download links. Make sure to read till the end of our post not to miss any hottest titles. 

Thetan Arena – MOBA & Battle Royale NFT

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Which is hottest new NFT games at present? Thetan Arena is definitely the best answer. Why? Not only because this game has a bunch of great features in gameplay like combined MOBA and Battle Royale elements, but also has innovative play-to-earn system. It’s not exaggation when said that this game will reach Axie Infinity‘s rank soon. Let’s wait for what Thetan Arena can do in near future. Now, play game and enjoy!

Thetan Arena NFT Game – How to Play and Earn?

Peace, Death! 2

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Arcade game simulator Peace, Death is back with new sequel promise expanding gameplay and mechanics. This is a true sequel that polishes everything good about the OG titleLike first game, you will play as Reaper. Beside that there are a lot of other new features waiting you to explore.

Gem Wizards Tactics

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Gem Wizards Tactics is a turn-based strategy game that uses terraforming, permadeath, and a healthy dose of fantasy humor to craft a tiny, arcade-like tactics game with an impressive layer of strategic depth. Each match generates a random battlefield of forests, rivers, plains, and mountains, along with several keeps and groups of enemies. The goal is to capture a handful of enemy flags that are found on each keep and occasionally carried by a powerful enemy, like the literal drill sergeant who wields a giant oil-powered drill. Or the reaper, a scythe-wielding horseman in all black who rides a pale horse and harvests nearby forests. And is also a potato.


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You may have never heard of it, but Niffelheim is an excellent indie survival game filled with tons of dungeon crawling. You’ll gather, craft, and fight, all so that you can survive just a little longer. Gathering and crafting are the primary mechanics, so combat does take a backseat. Keep in mind, this is a challenging game, and it’s filled with grinding, but at least the monetization is on point, as this is a premium release. So as long as you know what you’re getting into, there’s a ton of fun to be found in Niffelheim.


Rob Riches

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Rob Riches is a delightful isometric Sokoban-like game. Moving boxes to solve puzzles is the primary mechanic, and obstacles lay in wait, so you have to plan accordingly. Of course, the graphics are the standout here, and they are great, but the gameplay holds its own, and since there are no timers to stress the player, everyone can play at their own pace. Some puzzles can be challenging, but a hint system alleviates any concerns about getting stuck. Best of all, Rob Riches is a premium release, so once you buy it, the game is yours to enjoy in full.

Lost Light

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Lost Light is certainly way better than a bunch of the games Netease has worked on in the past. In terms of things like graphics and gameplay, it’s not too different from Badlanders or Life After but playing through, you’d find the game to be a bit more polished and cleaner looking with way fewer bugs.

Nova Colony – Space Settlers

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Nova Colony – Space Settlers is a fairly straightforward colony-building game, a strategy title where you’ll manage a space colony while extracting the resources of the planet. The graphics aren’t mind-blowing, but they get the job done, and since the game is balanced well, the included in-app purchases are unnecessary unless you want to advance faster. This is a middle-of-the-road colony/business sim, forgettable, but enjoyable enough to take a look at if you enjoy the genre.

Piano Dream: Tap the Piano Tiles to Create Music

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Piano Dream is a simple rhythm game where you’ll tap the keys of a piano as they pass by, timing your hits as you would in any other rhythm game. It’s a familiar setup, but it works as expected, though the rhythm gameplay tends to lean towards the easy side. While the monetization isn’t horrible, there are way too many ads, which grow annoying fast. As you play, you’ll earn in-game currency, and this currency can be used to buy new music tracks, but even this feature is locked behind an ad.

Downhill Smash

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Downhill Smash is the latest release from Somehow ZeptoLab, creators of C.A.T.S.: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, Cut the Rope and Crossy Road. Gameplay is pretty simple, deck out a wheel with weapons, rollover your enemies until you die. Be faster than the avalanche by boosting your crushing boulder machine with unique and deadly weapons from a wide selection.

Forest Island

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Finding a game that help you temporarily escape from hustle and bustle life out there? If so, you can check out Forest Island. Playing this game, you will deep yourself in the mother nature world of forest primevals, with all kind of animal gathering around, intertwined by soothing background music, this is really an amazing experience for gamers.

Review Forest Island – A Healing Game for Android


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AreaZ game is a true survival simulator, where player has to rely on knowledge and survival skills in different bioms or so called area(z). Starting with first demo showcase based on beach and jungle area(z) until player conquers the deadly swamp. In the future, this game will include the Rural mainland, Forrest up to rocky and snow-covered Mountains.

Age of Caves: Idle Primitive

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The Age of Caves: Idle Primitive Game gives you an easy-to-use and efficient management and Age of Caves: Idle Primitive allows you to focus on the most important things. It’s friendly to use maybe you will love it.

In this game you will collaborate with many other warriors to fight against gigantic beasts together. you will also see the progression of your tribe becomes prosperous little by little. Go on a strategic battle with other players in the fight arena. And many more new species and fossils waiting to be discovered!

Age of Caves: Idle Primitive brought us to the end of this list. For new game releases everyday on Appvn, click on this link!


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