All Incredible Games Released This Week On Appvn (Part 2)

What news on Appvn this week? Let’s check out part 2 of the best new games landed on Appvn in the week.

Whether you’re looking for the best games of quality or are simply looking for the latest free-to-play gacha titles, you’re covered. No further ado, let’s go to part 2 of best new games of the week.

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DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds

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A whole new journey of Dragon Quest is started. Let’s dive into the magical world of the legend game with a totally new appearance.

You can relive the legend of The Adventure of Dai in this new action-packed RPG, re-made and optimized for your mobile device.

With another crisis facing the world, Dai makes a promise to his mentor, encounters new friends, and slowly learns about his own inescapable fate.

This is the beginning of Dai’s adventure, and his quest to become a true hero!

‘Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds’ Detailed Review

Action Taimanin 

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Where are fan of hentai, if you are really into this genre, this game is created for you.

Action Taimanin is the latest Action-roleplaying gacha game to hit the Western market. The recently released Genshin Impact has a much broader appeal, while Action Taimanin uses fanservice as its main appeal. The game is based on a hentai series, so the character models are oversexualized.

But if you’re not really into hentai, you are better off playing another action game because as a hentai adaptation, the fan service in this game is on another level.

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Comix Breaker 

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COMIX BREAKER is a deckbuilding roguelike game optimized for the mobile platform. The mechanics and tutorials to get you started to tell you everything you need to know and master the game. The game is a bit competitive and does have a little difficulty so you have to strategize what cards you need in your deck to progress through the stages. Other than that, the game is great, has an awesome storyline and the animations are amazing.

LINE Rangers: Brown-Cony Wars!

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A new game labeled LINE, one of the Korean biggest social media companies. In the game, we will meet familiar characters like Brown, Cony, which are also LINE mascot characters.

In this PvP battle game, your mission is to bring back Sally from the Alien army who took her, Brown, Cony, Moon, James, and all the other LINE characters transform into Rangers and set out on an adventure to rescue her!

With a high rate and a lot of compliments on Play Store, LINE Rangers: Brown-Cony Wars! is promised to be a marvelous gaming adventure.

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Kingdom Guard

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Based on the magical-themed middle world, “KingDom Guard” reveals a war between the Magic and the Sword. You can train your soldiers to defend the enemy so as to protect your homeland. Deploy your soldiers to attack and eliminate the Invaders to become the mighty leader in this world!

If you like Clash Of Titan, so you should definitely look over this game!

Sweet Dance 

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Want to find some rhythm game to dive into the world of music and magic? Sweet Dance is the best fit for you.

This game is a full and sweet social experience that fulfills all your fantasies of love. Various ways of interaction deepen your love with your couple day by day. Ride on vehicles together to show off your love like nobody’s watching. The super cute lovers’ diaries make your every day full of surprises!

And on top of that are a bunch of great songs that will blow your mind with their melody.

LOST in Blue

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This game is so addictive that will keep your eyes on the screen till the end of it. Lost in Blue is a sandbox style video game for the Nintendo DS handheld system, and now is available on mobile devices. This is a continuation of Konami’s Survival Kids series. Lost in Blue follows two young teenagers, Keith and Skye, who struggle for survival on a deserted island. The player must learn to use the island’s natural resources to create a makeshift home away from home.

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That’s all for the best new games on Appvn this week. Our list only mentions outstanding titles released, there are still a lot of other interesting new games on Appvn. If you want more games to play, check out this link now!


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