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Welcome to the roundup of the best new games that went live in the Appvn this week. This week I have a unique deck-building game themed around rats protecting their enclave, a trippy point and click adventure game. No further ado, let’s go!


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Ratropolis is described as a fusion of roguelite, tower defense, city-building, and deck-building gameplay, so it’s a perfect release for mobile. The game has been available on Steam since 2020, and it just made its way to Android this week. This is a polished title, but the gameplay won’t appeal to everyone, thanks to an in-game timer. You see, you have to play your cards as fast as possible, which is pretty difficult when you’re starting out. Basically, the early game is fun, but the late game can be frustratingly difficult. More or less, Ratropolis is an acquired taste, but it’s still a solid effort that offers a lot of fun if you’re willing to put in the time.

Magnus Failure

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Magnus Failure is a trippy point-and-click adventure game that offers an intriguing atmosphere, unique black and white art, and an interesting philosophical story. It’s a short game, and the ending is abrupt, but it’s free with ads, so anyone can take a look to see if it floats their boat. The touchscreen controls work fine, though the player movement is slow. It’s art over function, but it’s pleasant art that’s worth experiencing.

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MechCube: Dark Stories

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MechCube: Dark Stories is the second MechCube game from OGUREC APPS, a developer of point-and-click adventure games. As you would expect, Dark Stories is also an adventure game set in a dark sci-fi world filled with puzzles. More or less, if you enjoy escape room games like The Room, then you’ll probably dig MechCube: Dark Stories.

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Shell Shockers

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Shell Shockers is a simple first-person shooter where eggs battle it out in themed arenas. You can choose to play solo or on teams, though like all online multiplayer games, a userbase is required for matches against real people, and since this is a fresh release, you’re going to have trouble matching with other actual players. In-app purchases are included, though they appear to be primarily cosmetic, so they can be easily ignored. Keep in mind this is an early access release, so it’s currently a little rough around the edges.

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Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG

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Ever since Limbo gave indie devs the bright idea that they could forgo assets to just make everything black, we’ve seen hundreds of similar games, and Undestroyed is the latest to take advantage of this cheapskate loophole. Oddly enough, this game is monetized to the hilt, and yet the developer could not afford actual assets, pointing squarely at a release that’s a blatant cash grab. One quick look at the publisher’s catalog also proves they have the funds to release better games, so it would seem Undestroyed was made on the cheap to soak up money through its IAPs, making this generic roguelike platformer an easy title to skip.

My School Simulator

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My School Simulator is precisely that, sporting an anime theme. The graphics are superb, though the gameplay is janky, the story is lackluster, and in-game characters are a snooze. Servers also struggle, so constant disconnects can happen. All around, this game needs a lot more polish, which it may get, though the monetization is pretty bad, which means longevity will be tied to your patience.

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Code Atma

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Code Atma is a modern RPG, set in a supernatural techno-thriller world where humanity, technology, and ancient beliefs intersect in a secret war. Journey into this familiar but strange world and lose yourself in the immersive story, characters, and Atma you will encounter.

You will take on the role of a Seeker. Among the brave few who will harness humanity’s collective advancements in technology to wage a secret war beyond the veil of life, death, and myth. Alongside the secret Asterisk Initiative, you will dive into the depths of a dark and supernatural techno-thriller of the Atma – souls of forgotten myths and curses, turned weapons in a war between the light and dark. A war beyond the veil.


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What to Expect from this Ultra-Stylish and Visually Stunning RPG?

In Lilith Games’ Dislyte, players can experience battling Miracles using Espers against sleek backgrounds, gorgeous art, and bop-your-head-to-the-beat tunes – and that’s not even half of what you can expect from this turn-based RPG.

Set in a lush urban wonderland, Dislyte thrusts players into a world where evil lurks in every corner of the city. Amid the bright lights and neon signs, heroes must stand up against malevolent forces threatening to destroy humanity. Thankfully, the mystical Nexuses’ sonic waves have granted divine abilities to a select few, transforming ordinary humans into extraordinary Espers to fight the good fight.

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Punishing: Gray Raven

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Punishing: Gray Raven is a heck of a ride with its adrenaline-pumping combat and ultra-smooth graphics performance. You don’t need to scale a paywall to excel at this game, so it’s a must-download for any RPG fan. Plus, the units you pull actually have a healthy dose of husbandos for a change.

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