8 Greatest One Piece Games Based On The Anime

A record-breaking manga and beloved anime series, One Piece has amassed a huge collection of games, and here are the 8 Greatest One Piece Games Based On The Anime.

8 Greatest One Piece Games Based On The Anime

One Piece is unquestionably one of the most influential works of media, and the main arguments for this are its enduring popularity and continuity. During the course of its decades-long existence, the One Piece series, like any well-known anime or manga, has seen its fair number of gaming adaptations.

There are too many One Piece video game projects to be able to endorse them all, although some of them are excellent games on their own. So, these are the best One Piece games available if you’re a fan of the series and wish to play them.

8. One Piece Pirate Warriors 2

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The Pirate Warriors series of One Piece games has one of the genre’s most enduringly popular game types. The Dynasty Warriors series helped make the musou genre popular, and these games follow that trend.

Even though this type of gameplay may not appeal to everyone, it is much simpler to get into when the cast is drawn from a show you enjoy. This explains why titles like Pirate Warriors and Hyrule Warriors are so popular. The Pirate Warriors series has several books, and while Book 2 is still worthwhile to read because of the distinctive storytelling style it employs, the latter books are as enjoyable.

7. One Piece GBA

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One Piece game discussions frequently center on more recent releases, which makes sense given that newer games do tend to be more appealing to contemporary gamers. But to ignore all of the earlier One Piece games would be a mistake.

These games do, of course, feel terribly antiquated in certain cases. On the Game Boy Advance, One Piece, this is not the case. Finding a copy of this title, which is from 2005, is definitely worthwhile if you want a deeper look at One Piece’s most formative arcs with a charming retro design.

6. One Piece World Seeker

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Although though the Pirate Warriors subseries does seem to dominate contemporary One Piece games, other musou-style projects are occasionally undertaken in between installments. World Seeker was one of the more noteworthy One Piece non-musou games in recent years.

This One Piece game had a more focused approach, focusing only on telling an original story on a single island. Although the game looks fantastic and the plot is excellent, some fans would have preferred to play as characters other than Luffy because of the repetitive nature of his moveset.

5. One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

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It is widely acknowledged that while there are good reasons to replay previous musou One Piece games, they also have a tendency to develop better over time. Due to this, Pirate Warriors 3 was viewed as such a clear improvement over its predecessor, Pirate Warriors 2. The cast of 3 is far greater than that of 2, and it naturally includes characters who weren’t yet revealed when 2 was released.

If you like the older One Piece arcs, Pirate Warriors 3 might be better for you because it focuses a little more on the ones it covers than Pirate Warriors 4 does.

4. One Piece Burning Blood

8 Greatest One Piece Games Based On The Anime - 5When it comes to adapting anime into games, one of the quickest genres to be released is a fighting game, and this is even more common for shounen series like One Piece. While there were some One Piece fighting games released in the series’ earlier years, in the modern era only one main attempt has been made with One Piece Burning Blood.

The side-scrolling fighter has a strong style that makes it a joy to look at, and if you are a fan of fighters in this style, or just looking for a great One Piece fighting game, then this is one of the best options that is still available on modern consoles!

3. One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

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Pirate Warriors 4 follows on from its predecessor, and while the gameplay is still pretty similar, luckily, it does not repeat its approach to storytelling, making it feel different from the game that preceded it. Pirate Warriors 4 has a staggering choice of characters that you can choose to play as, so if you want to play as a more obscure character, Pirate Warriors 4 is your best bet to being able to play as them.

Pirate Warriors 4, while telling the story of One Piece, takes a much quicker approach and mainly focuses on Wano, so if you love this arc, then Pirate Warriors 4 is a good choice!

2. One Piece Unlimited World Red

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When looking at the selection of One Piece games available, it is clear that the most popular games in the series have been musou-style games or fighting games. However, there are a few adventure-style One Piece games that seem to better capture the feeling of the series.

An amazing example of this is Unlimited World Red that, while telling an original story, focuses on the characters and themes of One Piece that fans love so much. Getting to play as every member of the Straw Hats is a great feeling, and exploring the worlds from some of the best arcs is a great experience for any One Piece fan.

1. One Piece Odyssey

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One Piece Odyssey is one of the most unique projects when it comes to One Piece games. However, this is its greatest strength when it comes to standing out. Odyssey tells an original story, but has a focus on memories that lets you play through some of the most iconic arcs in One Piece in greater detail than any other game adaptations.

The game also sticks out for having a turn-based RPG gameplay style, but this works well, and helps highlight the variety when it comes to how the Straw Hats tackle combat. On top of this, the graphics style fits the series perfectly without looking like it is trying to emulate something else.