7 Best Game Pass Games to Play on Dating Nights

For the couples out there looking for something to play together, the best Game Pass games can certainly help out.

7 Best Game Pass Games to Play on Dating Nights

There are so many fantastic games available on the Xbox Game Pass that fans can play them to their hearts’ content. With access to a veritable treasure trove of games that are all quite intriguing, the single-player games on this subscription more than justify the price cost. Coupled with this, Xbox Game Pass offers a ton of multiplayer and cooperative games that are worth playing.

As a result, any couple having trouble coming up with a date idea may just browse the Game Pass selection and play a game that will appeal to both of them. This can include both single-player and multiplayer antics, since both players wind up exchanging priceless gaming experiences.

7. A Way Out

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Hazelight Studios has established a reputation for creating experiences that can only be enjoyed in co-op. One such game is A Way Out, in which players escape from jail and go on a fascinating adventure with lots of unexpected turns. Although the story may be thin on details, players will still love this masterpiece nonetheless.

The co-op mode of A Way Out is a fun to play through, with players getting to choose between one of two characters as they team up and decide to escape prison together, making lifelong friends along the way… or so it appears, at least. A Way will be loved by couples that are desperate for a nice gaming experience that they can both enjoy.

6. Overcooked! 2

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Although there is no doubting that Overcooked! 2 is a fantastic game to play on its own, players should be aware that it’s very simple to become enraged at a partner while attempting to rack up the ideal number of orders. The game encourages players to plan their actions in a logical manner, which is trickier than it sounds.

If you have too many chefs, the game gets out of hand. Even still, being angry at each other might not be the ideal date night strategy when there are two people around. As long as participants remain composed, encourage appropriate teamwork, and don’t take defeat too seriously, Overcooked! 2 can be quite entertaining!

5. Inside

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An atmospheric side-scroller with platforming and puzzle components that is dripping with mystery and mood may be found inside. Even though they appear to be straightforward, the game’s deaths can be harsh. To keep things interesting and challenging, two players can alternate between controls after each death.

A pair who plays this game all day long might be able to finish it in one sitting because it isn’t that long. People can’t be blamed for being utterly engrossed in their devices until this experience is over and done given how captivating Inside is!

4. Among Us

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The pandemic-era video game Among Us is still hugely popular today and provides players with hours of fun as they explore a space station with their pals and complete routine jobs while attempting to avoid an impostor who is pursuing them at every turn.

It’s simple to understand why a couple would enjoy playing the game together, trying their best to survive while cooperating or surprising the other by murdering them when they least expect it. Although though players must play the game simultaneously on two devices without any screen peeping, it’s a rewarding exercise that two players can enjoy a lot.

3. Broken Age

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Broken Age is a beautiful story-driven puzzle game that is full to the brim with fun puzzles and a great dual-protagonist narrative that will entice most fans. The game itself may be single-player, but the great dialogue and brain-teasing nature of the puzzles means that two people can easily become invested in this magical experience.

While it’s true that the second half of Broken Age is nowhere near as good as the promise initially on display in this game, the game is still worth checking out regardless. Couples will love brainstorming the solution to certain brain teasers and watching the two protagonists interact with a bizarre and interesting world.

2. Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season 1

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Telltale’s The Walking Dead is the game that catapulted the studio to superstardom in the best way possible, with the story of Lee and Clementine capturing the hearts of players all over. The struggles of the duo to survive as they find many friends along the way make for a great time indeed.

Season 1 of the series is Telltale’s storytelling at its very best. The emotional twists and turns that this game puts players through will keep a couple occupied for quite some time indeed, and most people won’t mind the backseat experience with this title because of how engaging it is!

1. It Takes Two

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It would be impossible to talk about great co-op experiences that couples can enjoy without mentioning the amazing It Takes Two, a title that players can check out on Game Pass right now. The narrative of this game may not be the greatest, but most people won’t mind when they experience the imaginative gameplay loop this title has to offer firsthand.

Controlling May and Cody and helping them bond throughout the game before eventually trying to make things work as a couple is a pretty engaging experience indeed. While it’s true that the game can get a bit too bloated at times, it’s a small price to pay for a wonderful co-op experience that is unlike any other title out there!