6 Best Star Wars Games Boss Battles

Every Star Wars fan undoubtedly has their favorite boss fight from the games. Here are the 6 best Star Wars Games Boss Battles that fans shouldn’t miss.

6 Best Star Wars Games Boss Battles

Players have regularly faced challenging boss fights in the Star Wars video game universe. They’ve frequently assisted in generating excitement for gamers by allowing them to face some of the most formidable enemies in the vast Star Wars universe.

The fact that many of these encounters featured well-known movie villains like Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Emperor Palpatine in action attracted viewers. The boss battles are meant to test the player’s abilities and strategic thinking, necessitating exact timing and combat technique mastery. These conflicts have included everything from lightsaber duel to spaceship fights and using the Force, and have offered exhilarating moments and satisfaction when victory is eventually accomplished.

6. Komari Vosa Keeps Even Jango Fett On The Back Foot In Bounty Hunter

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This cult favorite computer game, which was released concurrently with Attack of the Clones, takes players on a prequel adventure starring the dangerous Mandalorian-turned-bounty hunter Jango Fett. The action ultimately revolves around Fett facing off against Dark Jedi Komari Vosa in this Star Wars game’s grimier plot than usual.

Vosa vs. Fett is hardly the most creative of boss fights, but from the standpoint of a fan, it’s fascinating because it’s one of the few instances players may face off against a Force user without actually playing as one. The frantic, twin lightsaber-wielding Dark Jedi, who takes great pleasure in trying to take him out, rapidly makes it clear that Fett is alarmingly outmatched despite his weaponry and fighting abilities. For moviegoers interested in learning more about the Fett’s cloning plot, the narrative build-up and a fascinating, world-building encounter with Count Dooku in the wake also make this an intriguing piece of prequel trilogy mythology well worth exploring.

5. The Bull Rancor Almost Makes Star Wars: The Force Unleashed A Kaiju Game

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When The Force Unleashed originally came out in 2008, Starkiller rapidly established himself as one of the most overpowered characters in the entire Star Wars universe. The dangerous Bull Rancor is one of the numerous difficulties Darth Vader’s hidden apprentice must overcome throughout the game.

The Bull form of the Rancor is an even larger, more repulsive predator, as if the Rancor from Return of the Jedi weren’t terrifying enough. Even worse, it’s collaborating with Maris Brood, a Jedi who survived Order 66 but ultimately turned to the Dark Side of the Force. One of the few times Starkiller fights as the underdog, he must use his remarkable skills to outsmart and subdue the gigantic beast while avoiding attacks from Brood. The battle offers players an exciting challenge and some dramatic scenes from one of the weirder, more cult-favorite titles in the franchise.

4. Darth Vader Is An Unbeatable Menace In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

6 Best Star Wars Games Boss Battles - 3The confrontation with Darth Vader in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a dramatic high point of the game and one of the most epic boss fights in recent Star Wars video game history. As the brave but inexperienced Cal Kestis is forced to engage the legendary Sith Lord, the tension soars.

Kestis finally meets the most significant figure in the franchise after virtually the whole game of back and forth with The Second Sister. Darth Vader’s true might and menace are on display in the battle, which serves as a reminder of Luke Skywalker’s own impossibly difficult quest in The Empire Strikes Back. Thankfully, Kestis escapes the elder Skywalker’s fury while still having both of his hands attached. This duel was an excellent homage to the terrifying essence of one of cinema’s most cherished and enduring evil villains and an exciting ending to a modern classic.

3. Emperor Palpatine In The Force Unleashed Is Incredibly Difficult To Humble

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The evil genius behind most of the Star Wars film series’ calamities and tragedies, Darth Sidious is unsurprisingly more than a handful to deal with one on one. In The Force Unleashed, players confront the devious tyrant as a part of Starkiller’s redemption arc.

Unsurprisingly, the Emperor is an infuriating foe to tangle with, using a near-endless litany of subordinates to do his bidding for him, all while using iconic Force Lightning to sap the player’s HP. The long boss battle is the most challenging of all the fights on offer in this all-action Star Wars game, with Palpatine perpetually keeping the player on the back foot with the deadly combination of his mastery of the Force and leadership of the Empire’s forces. For players who’ve long wanted to take on the biggest antagonist of the movies, this is one of the few times when there’s a chance to hand the hooded Sith Lord some damage.

2. Darth Malak Is A Formidable, Vengeful Foe In Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

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Knights of the Old Republic revolutionized Star Wars gaming at the time of its release, giving players a look at a completely different time in the galaxy. As the dreaded Darth Revan, players must meet and defeat their diabolical protégé en route to the game’s conclusion.

This climactic duel takes place in the heated depths of the Star Forge, delivering the goods for players looking for an intense lightsaber duel against a Dark Side master. The fight functions as a neat showcase of the player character’s growth and mastery of the Force. The multi-option outcome has significant implications for the game’s storyline, making it a tough call for players who must make a final decision on whether to remain a Sith Lord or return to the light. The journey of the Revan character from amnesiac enforcer to the galaxy’s potential savior or villain is among the finest arcs in Star Wars gaming history, and this final showdown with Malak is the perfect cap-off.

1. Darth Vader In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Lives Up To His Scary Reputation Among The Jedi

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Lord Vader strikes again in the popular Jedi series, this time doing battle with Cere Junda in what amounts to a three-phase boss fight. As powerful and menacing as ever, the Chosen One puts the skilled Junda through her paces in this exhausting duel.

Unexpectedly quick on his feet considering his largely mechanical body, Vader is difficult to hurt, and even more difficult to recover from. Players who keep their distance trying to heal quickly from his attacks will frequently come under fire from Vader’s telekinetic Force attacks, making him all but inescapable. When players manage to get up close for offense, Palpatine’s trusty second-in-command will often blow them away with the Force before dragging them back immediately to do damage with his lightsaber, making him a frustrating opponent to handle. While the gutsy Junda puts up a remarkably good fight, this boss battle ends on an inevitably grim note, with Vader adding her to his long list of defeated Jedi enemies.