6 Best Guitar Learning Apps You Shouldn’t Miss

In this article, we’ll look at some of these applications in depth and help you discover the 6  best guitar learning apps for you. Whether you’re just starting out or an intermediate or experienced player looking to enhance your guitar talents, we’ve got some terrific tips to get you started.

1. Guitar Tricks

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Guitar Tricks is another well-known online guitar education site that provides a vast library of courses, videos, scale and chord charts, and much more. What distinguishes it for us is its signature core learning approach, which will start any musician on the path to guitar success.

Guitar Tricks provides a massive library of high-quality content to suit your musical tastes and objectives. Over 11,000 lessons covering a wide range of musical styles, techniques, and music theory are available on the platform.

Guitar Tricks also has an easy-to-use UI and some complex learning capabilities. The platform has a plethora of interactive features, such as slow-motion and looping capabilities, backing tracks, metronome tools, and printable tabs.

Guitar Tricks is the platform for you if you want a vast library of content for intermediate to advanced musicians, including specialty genres like surf and rockabilly.

2. Fender Play

  • Available on iOS

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Fender Play is a fantastic new music teaching app from the fine people at Fender. This platform meets the high standards you’d expect from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of guitars and amplifiers. Fender took a big swing at Play, and it’s no surprise that they hit a home run.

This software uses an easy and simple manner to help you get started right away. Choose your instrument, degree of experience, and favored genres, and Play will create a five-level curriculum of bite-sized video lessons, tabs, theory, and technique advice.

3. Simply Guitar

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Simply Guitar is come to save the day for the budget-conscious novice. This app-based platform employs a gamified approach to teach core skills, basic chords, and strumming patterns, allowing beginners to begin playing songs rapidly.

Simply Guitar, with a focus on simplicity and ease of use, allows students to practice at their own pace.

Real-time feedback is one of the app’s interactive features, and it’s a truly useful and unique tool that instructs you on finger placement and strumming patterns as you play along, helping you create excellent habits from the start.

Simply Guitar employs eye-catching graphics and animations to make learning fun and simple. Clear visual clues accompany video courses, displaying finger placement, strumming patterns, and more.

4. Yousician

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Yousician is one of the best guitar learning apps for beginners, this is an app-based guitar lesson platform that takes a novel approach to online guitar lessons: instead of the traditional video lessons with a virtual instructor, it employs a game-like approach—similar to Guitar Hero—that allows learners to play through their lessons in real-time and with instant feedback.

The learning experience is motivated by challenges, achievements, and a level-up system, allowing learners to participate in a way that is incredibly engaging and interesting, even borderline addicting.

There is obviously a learning curve here in terms of understanding how the “game” works, and this program is not necessarily suited for older users who have no gaming experience. But there isn’t a better approach to get younger beginners interested in studying and playing guitar.

5. Truefire

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Truefire guitar lessons are built around a vast library of high-quality video lessons covering a wide range of topics such as technique, theory, improvisation, song tutorials, and more.

What’s really cool is that the courses are taught by some of the biggest names in guitar, so you’ll be studying from the best. Truefire has embraced technology to become one of the most distinctive online guitar instruction experiences accessible, in addition to offering 30+ years of video content.

Truefire features a wide array of video classes, interactive jam tracks, discussion forums, and many other resources to help you learn. There are thousands of unique courses available, spanning from beginning to intermediate sessions and covering a wide range of genres and styles.

6. Justin Guitar

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With the new Justin Guitar app, online guitar education pioneer Justin “Guitar” Sandercoe has upped his game. Fans of Justin Guitar video lessons now have a fantastic learning app to help them continue their journey with the seasoned guitar teacher/entrepreneur.

The Justin Guitar app is centered on “Guitaraoke” play-along songs, which are excellent for teaching beginning players how to keep time and hold their own on rhythm guitar. The synced animated images indicate you the next chord form you’ll be transitioning to, so you can prepare without missing a beat.

The Justin Guitar app’s content structure is also unique. Justin’s curriculum is organized in such a way that learners can progress at their own pace without missing essential milestones.