6 Best Apps To Learn Indonesian for Beginners

What is the best app to learn Indonesian for free? There are numerous reasons why you should study Indonesian (or Bahasa Indonesia). The Indonesian language is essential in commerce, tourism and hospitality, politics, and culture, in addition to being one of the most spoken languages in the world. You’ll be able to communicate with approximately 270 million people throughout Indonesia, as well as Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore, if you learn to speak it.

Below are the 6 best apps to learn Indonesian for beginners that you shouldn’t ignore.

6. Babbel

6 Best Apps To Learn Indonesian for Beginners - 1

Babbel is the greatest all-around app for learning Indonesian because it includes a comprehensive course. It also aids in the development of all communication abilities, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

One reason I like Babbel is that each course is tailored to a specific language. The Spanish course, for example, is not the same as the Indonesian course. Many language programs develop one lesson and then translate it into multiple languages, which is ineffective. Babbel’s method teaches you about Indonesian culture while you learn the language.

Key Features

  • In-depth Indonesian course
  • Lessons are easy to follow
  • Practice communication skills
  • Study whenever you want

5. Mondly

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Mondly teaches you the fundamentals of Indonesian, making it an excellent alternative for beginners. The lessons are brief, and you can complete them in any sequence you like. This allows you to concentrate on learning the topics that are most relevant to you.

The way Mondly tracks your progress distinguishes it from other Indonesian apps. When you first start learning a language, it might be overwhelming. Mondly keeps you motivated by displaying how much you’ve learnt.

Key Features

  • Short and simple lessons
  • Learn the basics of Indonesian quickly
  • Track your progress in the app
  • Focus on the topics you want to learn

4. Pimsleur

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Pimsleur is a good choice if you want to concentrate on developing your Indonesian speaking skills. The course is entirely audio-based, with each session dividing a conversation between native speakers into bite-sized chunks. You hear native speakers pronounce the words and then repeat what they say.

The classes cover themes such as going to the grocery store, making small chat, and meeting new people. Pimsleur is one of the most popular language learning apps available, and for good reason.

Key Features

  • Audio lessons you can listen to anywhere
  • Start speaking in your first lesson
  • Build on what you’ve already learned
  • Lessons are short (less than 30 minutes)

3. italki

6 Best Apps To Learn Indonesian for Beginners - 4

The greatest way to learn a language is to practice with a native speaker. Furthermore, italki connects you with over 90 Indonesian tutors who are eager to practice with you. Turtors can be filtered by language, availability, price, and other factors. This assists you in locating the best tutor for you.

I prefer italki since it is a trustworthy platform that is also safe and secure to use. Your payments are always secure, and every tutor is approved by italki.

Key Features

  • Safe and secure platform
  • Easily find an Indonesian tutor that’s right for you
  • Customized lessons

2. IndonesianPod101

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If you want to enhance your listening abilities in Indonesian, IndonesianPod101 is a good place to start. There are thousands of audio and video lessons available that cover a wide range of topics encountered in everyday life. Every week, new classes are also introduced.

IndonesianPod101 is useful because it has a wide range of classes. It can be tough to find amusing stuff in a foreign language, but IndonesianPod101 makes it easy.

Key Features

  • Thousands of lessons available
  • New lessons every week
  • Study at your own pace

1. Rasa Bahasa

6 Best Apps To Learn Indonesian for Beginners - 6

If you enjoy studying with flashcards, Rasa Bahasa is one of the greatest apps for learning Indonesian. It offers approximately 30 different categories of words and phrases, and the flashcards include both Indonesian and English vocabulary translations.

The cultural aspect distinguishes Rasa Bahasa from other flashcard apps such as Memrise. It offers many cultural settings for the terminology, allowing you to communicate more clearly with local Indonesian speakers.

Key Features

  • Study over 30 different categories of vocabulary
  • Learn Indonesian culture while you practice
  • Create your own Indonesian flashcards
  • Play different games to help you learn

Best Apps To Learn Indonesian – The Final Verdict

You can study whenever and wherever you want when you use an app to learn Indonesian. They offer convenience that traditional classes cannot. Language applications are frequently more entertaining than textbooks or official courses. They feature various tasks and games to help you remember what you’ve learned, and the lessons are usually brief and simple to finish in a matter of minutes. You can also study the areas that are relevant to you and receive individual assistance to progress faster.