6 Best Apps for Learning Hindi (Tried and Tested)

If you want to learn Hindi without the hassle of attending in-person lessons or dragging around hefty textbooks, Hindi learning apps are ideal. E-learning also boosts student engagement, allowing you to learn Hindi more quickly and easily than traditional techniques.

Nonetheless, depending on your goals and interests, certain platforms will be more useful than others. So, have a look at our top selections below to ensure you download the 6 best apps for learning Hindi for you.

6. Mondly

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Mondly is another famous applications that teaches through games and short courses. Expect to master fundamental Hindi phrases, syntax, and vocabulary that will enable you to talk with Hindi speakers. Mondly goes a step above DuoLingo and Drops by including grammar courses. If you’ve progressed past the beginning level, this is the app you use.

Keep this in mind. None of these applications can teach you Hindi on their own. Apps should always be used in conjunction with other learning resources. Mondly, on the other hand, will satisfy an intermediate learner where DuoLindo and Drops will not. Mondly is free to use, however the material is limited. To get the most out of it, you’ll need to subscribe.

5. Memrise

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Flashcards have been reimagined for the digital age by Memrise. Flashcards have been used to study languages for decades. That is because it works. This software employs the spaced repetition approach to assist you in learning and remembering new Hindi words. There are numerous movies and audio files available to help you improve your listening abilities. Custom vocabulary lists can be created and shared with other Memrise users. Looking at other users’ lists can also help you learn terms you never thought about learning.

One disadvantage I discovered is that the quality of user-generated content might fluctuate. When the software permits all users to create vocabulary lists, this is to be expected. Another issue is that Memrise is solely focused on vocabulary. You will learn very little grammar. However, if you want to improve your Hindi vocabulary, this app is for you. Memrise is available for free with limited content. However, in order to utilize it fully, you must have a membership.

4. Clozemaster

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Clozemaster combines flashcards and gaming, is the next name in the list of the best apps for learning Hindi. It employs the tried-and-true spaced repetition method to teach you a plethora of new words and phrases. Expect words and phrases you’ve learned to crop up after a specific amount of time to put your recollection to the test. Even with the free membership, you might learn a lot of words and phrases. You can create collections of phrases and words to focus on if you become a paying member, which is perfect for personalizing your language journey.

Remember that the phrases are from a community-created lexicon. This means that certain errors will occur. This may be off-putting to absolute beginners who will not see the mistakes. Closemaster is appropriate for people who have progressed past the beginner level and are now in the early intermediate level.

3. Drops

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Drops is an increasingly common application that employs games to help students study (albeit not as extensively as Duolingo). It will teach you crucial phrases and words that are relevant to conversational Hindi. As a result, you will not study grammar, but you will practice it. Drops, like Duolingo, is free to use, but you may only use it for five minutes per day. A subscription is required to enhance the amount of time you spend each day.

2. Hindi by Nemo

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You can search for any word or phrase in Hindi using Nemo. The audio can then be listened to. When traveling, this is an excellent ‘companion’ app. You don’t have control over what you learn with other apps. This program provides a genuinely personalized learning experience, allowing you to learn what you need, when you need it. There is also a ‘bedtime mode’ that goes over everything you learnt that day.

1. Duolingo

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Duolingo is not only the best apps for learning Hindi in the world; it also outperforms the competition. This is due in part to their gamification and incentive system. Leaderboards will also stimulate rivalry with other Hindi learners.

Its speech recognition program could be improved. Even if you say anything incorrectly, it will still mark you as correct. Sometimes you know you’ve said something correctly, but it still says you’re incorrect. Duolingo is free to use, but your learning will be hindered by advertisements. By purchasing a subscription, you can remove these adverts and gain access to additional content.

Which apps do you like best on this list? Please leave a comment in the section below.