5 new mobile games of the week you shouldn’t miss out – July 14th, 2022

What new mobile games were released last week? Let's find out with this list!

Dicey Dungeons

Developer: Terry Cavanagh
Available on: iOS + Android + Steam
Genre: Card battler

This colourful and minimalist roguelike lets players take on quick, bite-sized floors as they defeat foes based on the roll of the dice. Now trapped under the whims of Lady Luck, players must clear floors to escape their fate of being forced to play in a twisted “game show” that never ends.

The game features varied characters each with their own unique abilities that spice up each run through the procedurally generated floors. The mobile version also comes with the Reunion DLC special that adds new twists to the original gameplay.

Typoman Remastered

Available on: iOS + Android
Genre: Adventure

This award-winning title boasts creative ways players can unleash their inner wordsmiths as they go on an adventure through a hostile world. As a protagonist made of letters, players must find the strength to create words to impact the environment around them.

The Remastered Edition features enhanced visuals along with optimised camera works and gameplay balancing. Players can expect two new mini-games, along with a new narrator voice plus an animated character codex as well. The Hint system also comes in handy, especially for non-native English speakers who might be feeling a little stuck.

Banana Kong 2

Developer: FDG Entertainment
Publisher: FDG Entertainment
Available on: iOS + Android + Smartphone
Genre: Action

Banana Kong 2 sees the return of the original endless runner with new environments to traverse and challenges to overcome. Players can solve new missions and collect bananas, as well as score golden Kong Coins they can use to buy special upgrades and hats.

For players who are feeling a little competitive, they can also dash away with their friends to see who can hit the best distance. The game features an Original Soundtrack by composer Tee Lopes of Sonic Mania fame, along with easy one-thumb controls and convenient Cloud Save support.

Charlie in Underworld!

Developer: Buff Studio
Available on: iOS + Android
Genre: Adventure

This visual novel-slash-adventure game thrusts players into the quirky Underworld Office where Charlie has to ask for the help of ghosts to make sense of everything. The chat-based title relies on players’ choices, with multiple endings players can aim for.

The game also boasts a fun cast of unusual characters along with a distinct art and animation style. The story is meant to be “gruesome but moving”, and encourages users to replay the game to unlock special achievements.

GWENT: Rogue Mage

Available on: iOS + Android
Genre: Card battler

This brand new release is a single-player expansion to GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, and will follow the tale of the mage Alzur in a land besieged by monsters. The narrative is set hundreds of years before Geralt’s own adventures began, with humanity struggling to survive the effects of the Conjunction of Spheres and its beasts.

The game boasts roguelike deckbuilding elements along with fan-fave features from the original card game.

(Cre: Pocketgamer)

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