5 mistakes users of Kirara make in Genshin Impact

Although Kirara is often a simple character to understand, some of her gameplay mechanics could be missed by players. Find out the top 5 mistakes users of Kirara make in Genshin Impact, this is extremely useful for you.

5 mistakes users of Kirara make in Genshin Impact

Kirara is a highly anticipated 4-star Dendro user who joins the character roster of Inazuma in Genshin Impact’s version 3.7 update. This makes her the first Dendro character in this region, and also giving Dendro more playable characters than Geo, despite Dendro being much later introduced in the Sumeru region in the 3.0 version of Genshin Impact.

While players have recently been introduced to another character, Baizhu, who also has shielding capabilities in addition to his primary function of healing, Kirara is primarily focused on being a shielding-oriented character with additional support capabilities.

One of the common mistakes players may make is not fully understanding the details of her kit, which can ultimately affect Kirara’s overall performance. Therefore, players should pay attention to specific aspects and avoid certain mistakes in order to maximize the utility of her kit.

1/ Not Knowing The Different Aspects Of Her Elemental Skill

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Kirara possesses one of the most unique elemental skills in Genshin Impact, with different functions depending on whether players tap or hold the skill. While the tap or hold mechanic is not uncommon among characters in the game, as many others can perform different actions through their skills, Kirara’s skill stands out because holding it transforms her into a cat-like parcel box known as the Urgent Neko Parcel state.

In this form, Kirara not only receives a strong shield like in the tap version, but her movement and climbing speed are greatly increased, making her an excellent companion for exploration.

In terms of combat, the hold mode also deals damage to enemies along the way, making it a viable option for applying Dendro to enemies. However, it’s important to note that while players have the ability to cancel this skill on their own, if it is used for its maximum duration of 10 seconds, it will have a longer cooldown and can potentially put the team at a disadvantage in terms of DPS output during that time.

Therefore, it is recommended that players primarily use the tap mode during combat for shield generation, unless they specifically require extensive Dendro application at that moment.

2/ Not Knowing Her Talent Priority

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Considering that Kirara’s primary aspect is her shielding capability, which is only available through her Elemental Skill, players who aim to maximize her shielding potential should prioritize upgrading her Elemental Skill first.

Secondly, they can consider enhancing her Elemental Burst, and her Normal Attack should be the last priority. As Kirara is a support character with limited on-field time, players can save resources by skipping the upgrade of her Normal Attack.

3/ Not Focusing on the Right Stats

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Kirara’s shield strength is directly influenced by a percentage of her HP, making it crucial for players to prioritize this stat in order to maximize the shield’s effectiveness. However, solely focusing on HP without considering other stats may result in diminishing returns and prevent Kirara from reaching her full potential, especially as a Dendro enabler.

To fully utilize her abilities, players should also prioritize Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge. This will allow the team members to unleash maximum damage through Dendro Elemental Reactions. Increasing Energy Recharge will ensure Kirara can activate her Elemental Burst frequently, maximizing the overall damage potential.

4/ Underestimating Her Elemental Burst

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While the majority of Kirara’s kit, including her passive abilities and constellations, revolves around her unique Elemental Skill, her Elemental Burst can also serve as a valuable source of additional Dendro damage and application. Despite its low energy cost and relatively short cooldown, her Elemental Burst boasts high multipliers, reaching over 1000% at Talent Level 10. This makes Kirara a viable choice as a burst support character, capable of delivering impactful bursts of damage.

5/ Only Focusing On Her Shielding Potential

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While shielding is the primary focus of Kirara’s kit alongside her burst support potential, she can also function as a Dendro enabler, particularly with her 4th constellation. This constellation enables Dendro coordinated attacks when a shielded character performs a normal, charged, or plunging attack, emphasizing the importance of Elemental Mastery in her build.

Also, with the appropriate weapon choice, Kirara can provide battery support by generating Energy Particles for the team or boosting their Energy Recharge stats.