5 Best PC Game Cheating Tools Players Shouldn’t Ignore

Learn more about the list of the 5 best PC game cheating tools in the article below:

5 Best PC Game Cheating Tools Players Shouldn't Ignore

Here is a collection of the most helpful game hacking and cheating tools, memory editors, macro software, and other programs used to cheat in games for Windows PCs. Let’s get started it!

1. HxD Hex Editor

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The first universal game save editors were hex editors, the most famous of which is HxD. These tools let PC players all over the world purchase in-game items indefinitely without the need for trainers or memory editing. Without the use of modifications or particular save game editors, hex editors also enable extremely sophisticated save game hacking.

While it may seem simpler and faster to simply use a memory editor in-game to change settings directly, save game editing offers far more possibilities than merely changing a money amount or granting unlimited health. Hex editing save files also has the benefit of making it impossible for values with anti-cheating rewrites to escape being modified. Another excellent tool for skilled cheaters overall.

2. Cheat Engine

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Since its creation in 2005, Cheat Engine has been the world’s greatest, most comprehensive, well-known, and most adored cheating software for PC gamers. The majority of people who become interested in PC game trainers and value editing began by downloading CheatEngine for free, scanning for values, altering money and health values, finding item IDs, and so forth. Eventually, they learned enough to be able to produce their own cheating software and trainers.

Cheat Tables, a more portable and cost-effective alternative to game trainers, are now widely available and numbering in the tens of thousands. In addition to its conventional use for single-player games, the CT framework is also used to develop hacks for online games.

Without a doubt, CE deserves to be ranked as the top application on this list because it offers not only a fantastic game hacking tool but also a strong community and many excellent trainers.

3. Macro Recorders / Editors

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Does saving your keyboard and mouse inputs so you may play them back indefinitely and abuse Computer games sound useful? Certainly is. Macro Recorders have you covered whether you’re playing cookie clicker and need to record a quick macro to click 1,000 times per second or if you’re playing an RPG and want to automatically farm certain creatures that spawn in a fixed location.

Simply press the record button, carry out your action, tweak it in your macro editor, and then replay it as much as you need. This is useful for building up simple farming bots for online games with static interfaces as well as clicking things for you.

Another excellent tool if you’re using an emulator to play mobile games on your PC or playing readily farmable PC games. The most affordable PC bot program you’ll ever find.

4. Artmoney

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The authentic Original OG game hacking tool for PC games is here. When we still used dial-up internet, I can still remember hearing about this tool. My study indicates that on Saturday, September 8, 2001, exactly 4 years before CheatEngine and 3 days before 9/11 (coincidence?!).

The Russian creators of these tools, who authored gaming history, therefore deserve all the glory and honor for developing the first piece of professional cheating software for PC games. Trainers and cheat codes were the only things that existed prior to it. Value editing was pioneered by Artmoney, which also inspired subsequent applications like Cheat Engine, which quickly outperformed it in terms of popularity.

While Artmoney has many capabilities with the more well-known Cheat Engine, it also provides more ways to search for values in emulated consoles such the Nintendo 64, Amiga, Sega Genesis, Original PlayStation, SNES, and numerous more PC-based emulated consoles. Moreover, it provides Tables (trainers) functionality. There are both free and paid versions of Artmoney.

5. Trainers / Tables

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Trainers are well-known to PC gamers everywhere. God Mode Pres NUM1: “Activated” We all recall the excitement of discovering a trainer for our particular game’s version, downloading it in the hopes that it won’t set off our antivirus software, and then eventually being able to unlock God Mode, limitless money, and other wonderful hacks.

However, the popularity of so-called “Tables,” which are essentially trainers but in a non-.exe format (often plain text) that are much safer to download and spread because they practically cannot contain any virus, has increased in recent years due to the growth of memory editing tools. Tables build a trainer script that is run using the memory editor as a platform using the memory editing software’s framework and special scripting language.

However, the PC gaming community is gradually shifting away from.exe-based trainers in favor of the (Cheat) Tables format, which can be used through the Cheat Engine and Artmoney frameworks and is arguably better, safer, and readily modifiable and extensible.