5 best free online word games in 2023

This collection of free online word games is perfect for anyone who wants to test their vocabulary, spelling skills, and wit, whether they have a few minutes or several hours to spare.

What are the best free word games online? All the games we recommend offer a free version, and we’ve indicated if they’re app-only or available on desktop and tablet through a web browser. Plus, many of these games offer cross-platform play, so you can enjoy them on all of your devices, no matter where you are.

No further ado, let’s go for the best free online word games in 2023.

Word Wipe

Looking for free online word games for adults? We recommend Word wipe. 

Swipe across lines of letter tiles in a big jumble of mixed letters to spell out as many words as possible in this fast-paced, browser-based game. Click to “wipe” out hidden words and earn extra points.


Place tiles down to make words and earn extra points for placing tiles on special letter spots in this Scrabble-style game. Play against a computer opponent on desktop or mobile, but beware of unfamiliar words.

Word Zen

Download this game for free on Google Play and connect letters with your fingers to spell out increasingly difficult words. With catchy music and changing environments, this game offers a variety of difficulty levels.


Combine the skills of a word search with the level clearing rush of Tetris in this free game available on desktop or through Google Play and App Store. Includes in-app purchases.


Lastly is one of the best free online word games for seniors, Codeword. 

Each letter in this crossword puzzle game is assigned a number, and each blank space with the same corresponding number auto-fills with that same letter once guessed correctly. Enjoy the satisfying “typewriter” sound effects while you solve the puzzle for free on desktop.