5 Best Archetype Class in Remnant 2 For Solo Players

Archetypes in Remnant 2 act as a character class for players, with the best options for a solo campaign depending on their unique abilities in combat. Refer to the 5 Best Archetype Class in Remnant 2 For Solo Players in the section below.

5 Best Archetype Class in Remnant 2 For Solo Players

When you begin a new campaign roll while playing Remnant 2 solo, some archetype classes are at their best while working alone. While many abilities of your character would normally be useful alongside a team, the perks you gain are versatile for exploration through infested worlds, even without friends. Although each archetype can be strong on its own, some will struggle more than others without backup.

Every class has a Prime Perk that unlocks when you select them as your main archetype, with two upgrades available when your character reaches levels 5 and 10. Additional perks called Archetype Perks provide passive bonuses from four catefories:Damage, Team, Utility, and Relic. One of three Skills may be selected to equip your character at a time, adding even more layers to the customization in Remnant 2.

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5/ Summoner

5 Best Archetype Class in Remnant 2 For Solo Players - 1

This secret archetype only becomes available after you gather enough Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2 to purchase the Faded Grimwoire item at the Bloodmoon Altar. The Summoner specializes in creating minions that help during battle, making up for the lack of friendly players when solo. The Ruthless Prime Perk causes your Minions to become Enraged, dealing more damage and becoming faster for a short time.

TIPS: Blood Moon Essence is harvested from special flying enemies called Root Wisps that travel around Yaesha, which are seen as small purple creatures that must be shot down to collect the resource.

Unfortunately, summoning a Hollow, Flyer, or Reaver minion costs part of your character’s life, making this a very risky class to use in Remnant 2. While enough practice can help you find a balance between the healing auras and relic boosts to keep your character alive, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. If a situation becomes too intense while fighting alone, as in this class, you are able to sacrifice minions for extra buffs.

4/ Gunslinger

5 Best Archetype Class in Remnant 2 For Solo Players - 2

The Gunslinger archetype in Remnant 2 specializes in mid-range DPS, inflicting tons of pain on enemies while keeping a focus on reloading and ammunition. This class is self-sufficient, using its Loaded Prime Perk to instantly reload your weapons with a temporary infinite ammo reserve while fighting. This gives you a way to constantly attack, putting your character in a position to strike first in tough fights.

TIPS: The Gunslinger originally is unlocked by pre-ordering Remnant 2, but those who did not buy the game ahead of time can also use this class by finding the Worn Cylinder in the main campaign.

The Quick Draw skill gives you a way to automatically fire 6 Critical Shots with high stagger value, making this archetype great for fighting bosses on its own in Remnant 2. The single-target damage offered through this class reaches even greater heights when you level up your character. For example, the Archetype Trait called Ammo Reserves makes you able to hold more ammo at higher levels, giving you more shots against enemies.

3/ Invader

5 Best Archetype Class in Remnant 2 For Solo Players - 3

A great approach to fights while playing Remnant 2 solo is to avoid them entirely, making the stealth-focused Invader class excellent for those trying to evade enemies. Unlocked by using the Dreamcatcher weapon to retrieve the Nightweaver Stone Doll, this class could take some time to earn. However, misdirection abilities give your character an Invulnerability Window to ignore enemy attacks, making the effort worth it.

The Prime Perk with the Invader is named Shadow, which leaves a decoy that draws enemy fire while giving you extra damage on distracted foes. Skills like Worm Hole give you a chance to deal 300% damage with your next Ranged or Melee attack after warping through space-time, making this class powerful against any opponent. Solo players can use the Invader’s decoys to escape and recover before jumping back into battle.

2/ Challenger

5 Best Archetype Class in Remnant 2 For Solo Players - 4

The Challenger Archetype is the perfect close-range tank, making it an incredible class for solo campaigns due to its ridiculously high health and durability. Despite the lackluster ranged options against hard-to-reach enemy types in Remnant 2, the Challenger has more opportunities to take down hostile creatures by simply surviving longer. In addition, this class can hold more weapons with its Strong Back trait reducing Encumbrance.

The Die Hard Prime Perk prevents the Challenger from dying, making you invulnerable for a brief time and regenerating a good portion of your character’s health in Remnant 2. Combined with the Juggernaut Skill, which gives you stacks of Bulwark that increase damage and speed, you won’t really need any allies. Many archetypes struggle to defend themselves against large hordes, but the Challenger embraces that challenge.

TIPS: The Die Hard Perk can only be activated once every 10 minutes, making it a limited-use option for invulnerability and health recovery when your character gets overwhelmed in large fights.

1/ Engineer

5 Best Archetype Class in Remnant 2 For Solo Players - 5

Similar to the Summoner in some ways in Remnant 2, the Engineer archetype is the best for solo play because of the heavy weapons and armor they construct for an incredibly effective defense. Three different turrets all autonomously target enemies without you having to aim, instead allowing you to Overclock the weapons for increased fire rate and damage. Each weapon essentially is an ally, picking off foes much like a friendly player would.

TIPS: Overclocking a Carried or Deployed weapon as the Engineer comes from the High Tech Prime Perk, which also gives infinite Ammo for a short period of time.

This class also lets your character use heavy armor, which becomes even bulkier from the Fortify archetype trait that boosts Armor Effectiveness. This makes the Engineer good for just about any situation, with serious damage through its artillery and great survivability with armor proficiency. The Vulcan, Flamethrower, and Impact Cannon all provide various benefits as heavy weapons that you should experiment with in Remnant 2.

The heavy weapons for the Engineer may have long cooldowns, but they are some of the best tools in the game for those exploring without a team backing them up. The best archetypes for solo players in Remnant 2 are the ones who can make up for the additional skills allies would use with traits that stand strong individually.