5 Best Apps to Learn Urdu for Beginners

Learning Urdu can lead to a variety of options. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and knowing Urdu can open doors to other languages. It uses the same alphabet as Arabic, Persian, and Punjabi. It also has terminology in common with Turkish, Hindi, and Sanskrit. It can be challenging to find ways to study Urdu online, therefore we produced this list of the 5 best apps to learn Urdu for beginners.

1. Pimsleur

5 Best Apps to Learn Urdu for Beginners - 1

Pimsleur can assist you in being conversational in Urdu quickly. It’s an audio-only course that starts with teaching you how to talk. Pimsleur is my favorite language learning program since it helps you to speak like a native Urdu speaker. It does not squander your time by teaching you meaningless terminology, like some other applications do.

It’s critical to remember that Pimsleur solely focuses on speaking and listening. Unfortunately, you will not be able to read or write Urdu. As a result, combining Pimsleur with an Urdu writing tool is a smart option.

Key Features

  • Audio lessons teach you to speak in your first lesson
  • Convenient audio lessons
  • Learn to pronounce words like a native speaker
  • Course follows a logical order

2. UrduPod101

5 Best Apps to Learn Urdu for Beginners - 2

Finding Urdu content to practice listening can be challenging, especially if you’re just starting out. UrduPod101 makes things much simpler. It includes hundreds of audio and video courses designed to help you improve your listening and comprehension abilities. You can also utilize quizzes and flashcards to review what you’ve learnt.

Every week, UrduPod101 introduces new lessons. That means you have a massive collection of lessons to pick from, and there is always new content. The only disadvantage is that UrduPod101 does not allow you to practice reading and writing.

Key Features

  • New Urdu lessons every week
  • Learn up to 2,000 Urdu words
  • Urdu audio dictionary
  • Create a personalized learning plan

3. Preply

5 Best Apps to Learn Urdu for Beginners - 3

Preply is comparable to italki. It assists you in locating native Urdu speakers willing to teach you their language in one-on-one online classes. Preply now has over 400 Urdu tutors.

The Preply software is simple to use, and the tutors are generally supportive. Preply also ensures that you will be satisfied with your trial lesson. If you are not, the company can arrange another one for you at no cost.

Key Features

  • Over 400 native Urdu tutors
  • Book multiple lessons at once
  • Take class when it fits your schedule

4. Memrise

5 Best Apps to Learn Urdu for Beginners - 4

Memrise employs flashcards to help you quickly learn (and remember!) new words and phrases. It provides several “official” courses, however there is none available in Urdu. There are, however, many user-created flashcard sets accessible. They can only be found on the website, not the app. These can assist you in learning new terminology on a variety of topics.

The Urdu alphabet, colors, cuisine, adjectives, and basic verbs are among the flashcard sets offered. There are some more sophisticated themes as well, such as Urdu poetry and Pakistani music.

Key Features

  • Thousands of flashcards to learn new vocabulary
  • Choose what you want to study
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Spaced-repetition helps you remember words long-term

5. Mango Languages

5 Best Apps to Learn Urdu for Beginners - 5

If you want a more traditional and structured Urdu education, Mango Languages is the finest option on this list. Grammar and cultural notes, vocabulary lessons, and pronunciation practice are all included.

The course also covers many common themes like as greetings and small chat, places and directions, transportation, and money. It is most beneficial for beginners, but it may not be the best option if you are already at an intermediate or advanced level.

Key Features

  • Grammar notes clarify difficult topics in detail.
  • While studying the language, learn about the culture.
  • Contrast your pronunciation with that of native speakers.
  • In everyday circumstances, communicate

Best Apps to Learn Urdu – Final Thoughts

Learning Urdu can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin. The apps on this list might help you get started with language learning right now. An app like Pimsleur may help you quickly become conversational, while Memrise can teach you new words. Apps like Preply allow you to communicate with native Urdu speakers.