5 Best Apps to Learn Russian You Should Try

Let’s take a deep dive into the top 5 best apps to learn Russian in the post below.

1. YouTube

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You are aware that YouTube has videos on virtually every topic imaginable. Of course, people are making videos about learning Russian. I’m not a fan of Russian language learning channels. Because there is frequently no discernible instructional progression. The YouTube algorithm likes new content, and at some point, all content has been created.

YouTube’s strength is that you can immerse yourself in native Russian content. Keep an eye on Russian travel bloggers. Play some Russian music. Enjoy interviews with well-known Russians. The objective is to identify a Russian counterpart for information that you would normally consume in English.

2. Russianpod101

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This is one of the best apps to learn Russian. You make it a habit to listen to one audio lesson per day. If you do this on your way to work 5 days a week, your Russian will improve dramatically. If you work from home, go for a brief walk and listen to it during the day. Other features include quizzes, video lectures, and a premium tutoring service. But haven’t come across them as useful as their audio lessons.

3. iTalki

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What I appreciate about iTalki is that they screen the teachers. If a person cannot demonstrate their credentials and expertise, they are unlikely to be labeled as a “professional teacher.” As a result, you can be confident in the teachers’ abilities. By the way, not everyone is required to enroll in weekly lessons. However, it is useful to be able to contact someone to clarify grammatical ideas to you if necessary.

Another advantage of iTalki is that you can practice speaking even if you are not seeking for an instructor. Then you can look for a local teacher. They are less expensive per hour. It’s similar to a paid language exchange. However, there are times when you do not need to assist the other person in their original language.

4. Tandem

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Tandem is a language exchange app and one of the best apps to learn Russian that you shouldn’t ignore. You can sign up and chat or speak with other language learners from around the world. That means that you can teach someone your native language, and others can help you with your Russian.

Tandem is good if you cannot practice speaking Russian in real life. To speak Russian well, you simply must put in the hours practicing conversations. Real life would be ideal, but you cannot just go out and find someone to talk Russian to in most situations.

With Tandem you can:

  • message
  • voice message
  • audio call
  • video call

While you can do all those things with Zoom or WhatsApp, it’s more difficult to find someone there. That’s where Tandem comes in. You create a profile and add standard profile information. They you say that you want to learn Russian. After that you can get matched with Russians that want to learn your native language.

5. AnkiDroid

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AnkiDroid is a simple applications for learning new words. It’s a flash card software that employs the’spaced repetition’ method. That means you’ll see the flash cards you find the most difficult the most often. What I enjoy best about AnkiDroid is its ease of use. Other vocabulary apps on this list are more suited to beginners or casual learners. AnkiDroid offers a straightforward UI with few bells and whistles.

AnkiDroid is a fantastic tool for learning Russian vocabulary in general. It isn’t the first app to be used. However, if you’re no longer a complete novice, you can develop your vocabulary rapidly and efficiently. It’s literally the finest app to learn Russian vocabulary if you’re an upper beginner to intermediate learner.

What do you think about the collection of the 5 best apps for those who learn Russian in this blog? Let’s try right now any app you feel is most suitable.