5 Best Apps to Learn Portuguese Worth Trying

Refer to the best apps to learn Portuguese, along with some reasons why you should use apps to learn Portuguese, in the article below.

Why should you use apps to learn Portuguese?

They are created by professionals who know what they are doing

When it comes to information reliability, the internet can be challenging, especially when you’re not sure what you’re reading or hearing. However, creating a successful app necessitates a strategy that users will want to follow, which implies you can trust the information they’ll be teaching you.

You won’t even notice you’re studying

Because we spend so much of our time jumping between devices these days, opening an app during your daily breaks will feel far more natural than attending classes or reading a textbook. You’ll have your first breakthroughs sooner than you think… and then you’ll be hooked!

Having said that, pairing any of these apps with trusty books to learn Portuguese will also help you gain fluency faster.

1. Babbel

5 Best Apps to Learn Portuguese Worth Trying - 1

Babbel is one of the oldest language learning apps, including five Portuguese courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, as well as five issue-specific paths (“Refresher”, “Grammar”, “Countries and Traditions”, “Specials”, and “Words and Sentences”).

Babbel takes beginner to intermediate level Portuguese learning to a whole new level of involvement. Check out their digital magazine for excellent stuff.

Why should you try Babbel?

  • Babbel is one of the most popular and highly rated language learning tools on the internet.
  • It will assist you in honing your Brazilian Portuguese skills.
  • Lessons are roughly 15 minutes, making it manageable even for the busiest students.

2. Mondly

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Mondly’s elegant layout should not detract from the fact that this is a very comprehensive software with all of the areas you should study to learn Portuguese properly. There’s everything from pets to body parts, romance to fun.

Quizzes are used to structure lessons, which is particularly useful if you’re learning on the move. There’s even a global leaderboard if you want to show off your competitive side!

Why should you try Mondly?

  • It combines enjoyment and learning in a way that few other applications do.
  • The pricing is fantastic.
  • You can select between European and Brazilian Portuguese.

3. Pimsleur

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Pimsleur is one of the greatest Portuguese learning apps available. It is based on the scientifically proven Pimsleur Method, which quickly has you speaking, understanding, and reading in a new language.

Lessons are designed to help you acquire a certain set of terminology in the context of a conversation, with increasingly increasing intervals to help you remember what you’ve learnt.

Its main audio courses last 30 minutes and are supplemented with supplementary learning resources such as quizzes, flashcards, and reading lessons.

Why should you try Pimsleur?

  • It focuses on quickly improving your conversational abilities.
  • Learn through a conversation or exchange.
  • Provides hands-free learning that may take place anywhere and at any time.

4. Preply

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Preply is an innovative platform that connects students with personalized teachers. You’ll probably learn Portuguese more faster than more traditional apps because you’ll be able to hunt for someone who matches your learning needs with no strings attached.

Preply, like italki, includes extensive profiles of native and non-native (but fluent) Portuguese speakers. Profiles highlight their expertise and teaching style. Previous student reviews will also be useful in making a decision.

Why should you try Preply?

  • It’s an excellent choice for those who want to improve their speaking abilities.
  • You might hunt for native teachers to get an insider’s perspective on their culture and street conversation.
  • Before being accepted onto the site, teachers are scrutinized.

5. iTalki

5 Best Apps to Learn Portuguese Worth Trying - 5

Do you wish to learn Portuguese and need some practice? Or maybe you’re looking for a Portuguese tutor. Then italki is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a platform that connects students with private tutors and enables for language exchanges between students.

On italki, you may find low-cost Portuguese teachers who can help you improve your conversation skills or provide planned sessions to help you achieve your learning objectives. With over 600 teachers on board, you’re likely to discover one who meets your requirements!

Why should you try iTalki?

  • Italki will match you with an instructor who is a good fit for your Portuguese learning needs.
  • On the platform, you’ll enjoy communicating with other Portuguese speakers.
  • It is generally less expensive than competitors such as Preply.

What do you think about the list of the best apps to learn Portuguese in this post? Which option is great for you? Let’s leave a comment in the section below.