5 Best Apps To Learn German: Which is Better?

You may find over 30 language learning apps for learning German online thanks to the internet and technological advancement. In this article, we’ve chosen the best apps To learn German for all learning styles, going beyond Duolingo and Rosetta Stone.

The greatest and simplest approach to learn German, or any language for that matter, is to live in a nation where the target language is spoken as a native tongue. Whether you plan to move to Germany or simply want to improve your résumé, learning German with an app will give you a good start. Even if you already live in Germany, it makes sense to utilize language apps as daily support to gain more confidence with German.

1. Yabla

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Yabla is a video-based interactive learning tool that focuses on language immersion. You can filter videos by topic or language level. The video player is cool because you can slow it down, click on a word in the subtitles to have it translated, and add games to the video to test your understanding. You can also totally delete the English or German subtitles or download the original transcript.

Yabla’s concept is fantastic, however some of the videos appear to be trapped in the 1990s. If it doesn’t bother you, try Yabla.

2. Lingopie

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Lingopie, like Yabla, is a video-based learning tool. Instead of showcasing footage from the 1990s, Lingopie includes a library of over 1000 real-life TV shows and movies. Instead of Netflix, you could watch Lingopie and study German at the same time.

Lingopie is appropriate for all skill levels; you may choose different play speeds, watch with English and/or German subtitles, and mark words that will be saved on flashcards for you to study after the movie. Lingopie is available on desktop as well as in the Apple and Google Play stores, and it truly is a novel way to learn a language.

3. Busuu

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Busuu is the best apps To learn German in top 5, this is a complete language software that focuses on vocabulary and grammar through lessons in speaking, writing, and listening.Because of its comprehensiveness, Busuu is the finest free language learning software for learning German. Before beginning the activities, you will take a 10-minute placement test to determine your level.

The Premium Plus version offers a personalized study schedule for 5-20 minutes of learning per day. Busuu is used by 100 million learners worldwide to rapidly assess your written and spoken exercises by a native speaker.

You can download your German courses for offline usage and progress quickly. According to a research conducted by City University in New York, 22 hours of Busuu Premium study equal one college semester of language study. The Complete German course could just be what you need.

4. Der Die Das App

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This program has one main goal: to teach you the three German articles. Let’s face it: no matter how good your German is, the three separate articles of der, die, and das keep you confused.

The Der Die Das App has a simple design that is both easy to use and effective. You can also search for certain words that you are having difficulty with or for which you require an answer. In addition to pointing out the correct article, you can learn about the principles that govern when to employ which articles.

5. Tandem

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Tandem is a language exchange program that does not offer classes or exercises, but rather links you with another Tandem user who is native in German and has similar interests. To overcome the anxiety of speaking German, the concept is centered on chatting, phone messaging, and video talking with native speakers. In exchange, you will teach your new Tandem companion your mother tongue.

You can create a profile with photos and interests, and then search for a language partner based on language, geography, and interests. The program also includes a translation tool and spelling corrections as a bonus feature.

Because Tandem allows you to converse with real people, it may not be suitable for absolute beginners, but rather for advanced German learners looking to improve their fluency with the support of native speakers.

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