5 Best Apps to Learn Chess You Should Try

Chess is one of the world’s oldest games. It features a steep learning curve and several rules and techniques. If you want to learn how to play chess but don’t have somebody to teach you, a smartphone app is a terrific way to get started.

Many apps can teach you how to play, pair you up with other players for online chess games to put your skills to the test, and show you how to win more games. This article discusses the best apps to learn chess for iPhone and Android to assist chess beginners in learning the game.

5. Shredder Chess

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Shredder Chess is a straightforward and effective training program that features puzzles and an AI that mimics human play and can modify its strength to match yours. Shredder Chess’s simplicity allows you to start a game or play a few puzzles within a few seconds of launching the app, without having to scan through menus or read through descriptions. Quick games can also be played directly in the browser.

4. Magnus Trainer – Train Chess

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This app contains a plethora of courses and activities to assist you along the road. It is the official app of chess great Magnus Carlsen, a five-time World Chess Championship winner. Play Magnus is another decent chess software under his brand, but Magnus Trainer is the best for learning chess.

One feature that distinguishes it from the competition is that it tracks your understanding of numerous chess skills and displays them in a diagram to help you measure your development and discover areas for growth.

3. Chess Tiger

  • Available on iOS

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Chess Tiger is one of the best apps to learn chess that you should try. This is an excellent site to play chess on your own while studying strategy and moves if you like learning by doing. You can use this app to see ideas for the best movements to make, dangers to your pieces, and to move the game backward or ahead to better examine it.

You can even rotate the board in-game to observe your opponent’s point of view. Unfortunately, there are no written lessons in this program, but it is a free software that may teach you the optimal moves to make as you play.

2. Real Chess 3D

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Tired of playing 2D chess? This application allows you to play offline 3D chess against a computer or with a friend in pass-and-play mode. This program is useful since you can view the chessboard from any angle, just as in real life.

The best part is that you can play this app for free. If you are a complete beginner, some basic tutorials are offered.

1. Chess: Learn and play chess

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This is yet another application that allows you to learn chess strategy while playing. You can play each game without hints or take back pieces to get your game graded. The game appears in your tracked metrics and adds to your app rank.

The application displays the best available movements, game statistics over time, and numerous game modes to help you improve your skills. A training option is also available, which displays suggested movements and threats from your opponent.

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