10 Spookiest Roblox games to play in 2023

Refer to the list of the 10 Spookiest Roblox games to play in 2023 in the article below.

10 Spookiest Roblox games to play in 2023

If you play online games, you’ve more than likely heard about Roblox. It’s one of the most popular multiplayer games, right up there with titles like Minecraft, and The Sims 4. Similarly, it relies on interacting with other players, and the content created by said players.

Roblox gives you a blueprint, a foundation to base your creations on, or just enjoy the creative works of others. It also works across PC, Xbox, and your favorite Android tablet. This vast cross-play functionality means that you can play with your friends regardless of their preferred platform.

While Roblox leans to the family-friendly side of user-generated content, many creators have taken full advantage of creating some of the scariest horror experiences on Android. We found the best of them, and in this list we’ll highlight the scariest games in Roblox.

1. Apeirophobia

Every horror game preys on some sort of inherent fear. Some capitalize on the player’s arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. Others take advantage of their fear of heights or zombies rising from below ground.

Apeirophobia preys on your fear of the infinite, something that has no end. This could be fear of space, or even time itself. Apeirophobia does this by constraining you within a seemingly endless virtual environment, a set of rooms and hallways that have no beginning and no end. This simple fact makes escaping the game’s horrifying creatures all the more frightening.

How can you escape from something if an exit doesn’t exist? Try to solve this conundrum along with many environmental puzzles in Apeirophobia.

2. Cheese Escape

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How could a game with such a seemingly ridiculous name be a worthwhile horror game? Are you escaping a murderous piece of cheese? Or are you a chunk of cheese trying to escape pursuit?

In Cheese Escape, you’re stuck in a labyrinth made out of cheese. This Roblox horror game requires you to complete objectives, such as collecting pieces of cheese and finding keys to unlock doors in order to progress. Meanwhile, a giant rat is also traversing the maze, and you’re tasked with escaping it by finding a way out of the labyrinth.

While Apeirophobia focuses on the fear of the infinite, Cheese Escape potentially capitalizes on the fear of holes. In other words, if you suffer from trypophobia (a fear of holes), approach Cheese Escape with caution.

3. Dead Silence

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Not to be confused with the 2006 Nintendo DS adaptation of the first Resident Evil, Deadly Silence. In terms of atmosphere and immersion, one of the best Robolox horror games is Dead Silence. Yet, it also doesn’t shy away from the tried-and-true jump scare. Dead Silence has been recognized as one of Roblox’s scariest games, and with good reason.

Dead Silence’s narrative centers on the Mary S tale and offers cooperative gameplay for up to four players. You can explore a dilapidated sewer by yourself or with companions as you search for information about what happened to the persons mentioned in the numerous “missing” signs. Dead Silence can end up being your favorite atmospheric horror film if you’re a lover of the genre.

4. Doors

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Doors proves a point that with the right creative vision, even the most mundane thing can be turned into horror. As the name already implies, Doors puts the simple everyday object into the spotlight. In this Roblox horror game, you’ll travel through levels featuring an abundance of doors.

Some open effortlessly, some require keys. Some lead to salvation, others lead to nothing but death and decay. While you look for the former, an ominous presence follows your every step. Opening the wrong door may very well bring your progress to a prompt halt.

Doors balances a horror premise with a puzzle game. You’ll need to learn from your mistakes in order to progress and escape your pursuer.

5. Geisha

Japanese horror is in a league of its own in terms of settings and tales. If not for its frequently deformed animals, then at least for the alluring atmosphere, it has the power to unnerve. Geisha excels at doing precisely this.

Japanese folklore serves as the inspiration for the geisha. It transports you to Asian settings full with frightful Yokai (demons) and an eerie atmosphere. The three chapters that make up the game’s narrative each feature a different terrible beast that you must escape.

Chapter two, for instance, is inspired by the legend of a yokai known as Kerakera Onna. In Japanese folklore, this yokai resembles a gargantuan woman clad in a kimono. It preys on its victims with an unsettling laughter.

Granted, Geisha takes certain creative liberties when it comes to many myths and legends. But if you’re into Japanese horror, then you’ll hardly find a better horror game in Roblox than this.

6. Identity Fraud

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Identity Fraud, a 2016 release from Team Motherboard, isn’t exactly a new addition to the Roblox horror game library. But, if you frequently visit Reddit boards, you’ll see that it’s still relevant today. Identity theft involves navigating and, ideally, escaping from a number of mazes.

Each maze has a unique aesthetic theme as well as enemies that will try their best to stop you from moving forward. You also have to defeat a tough opponent at the end of each maze to finish the level. Voice chat and private servers for 10 players are supported by Identity Fraud.

7. It Lurks

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It Lurks is among the top horror games on Roblox even though it isn’t quite as good as They Lurk. It Lurks entices you into a terrifying realm by drawing on its own creative legend. You’ll travel through dangerous forests, explore abandoned buildings, and come across various terrible monsters.

A private server for this game can accommodate up to 20 players. Players must try to get out of the dark woods while keeping a look out for a malicious pursuer. If you’re not quick enough, a shadowy figure that emerges at night will drag you into the darkness where you won’t be seen again.

8. Judy

Intended for young audiences, Roblox games often opt for lighter horror that does the bare minimum to frighten you. But not Judy. This horror game explores the mysterious disappearance of a Hollywood star.

What sounds like an eyebrow-raising premise, is actually one of, if not the scariest horror games in Roblox. Unlike many other Roblox horror games, it doesn’t stray from mature themes and disturbing visual imagery.

Judy unfolds across three intriguing chapters, with locations like a spooky theme park and an unsettling manor. Each chapter sheds more light on the reasons behind Judy’s disappearance. And the further you get, the darker the game’s tone becomes. If you’ve yet to play Judy with your friends, use the link below to install the Roblox client on your device.

9. The Maze

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A strange, seemingly unavoidable setting is frequently sufficient to produce the ideal horror game. How unnerving would it be to be thrown into a mysterious underground maze with no knowledge of the surroundings? It certainly seems like the plot of a horror film, and The Maze does a great job of giving you the impression that you’re in one.

This horror game on Roblox preys on your claustrophobia and fear of the dark. Underground tunnels that go on forever have no sign of an exit. The voyage is made even more terrifying by a flashlight that perpetually runs out of batteries, similar to horror games like Outlast. And if that’s not enough, you’re constantly on edge because to terrifying animals.

10. The Mimic

Once more, Japanese horror succeeds. The Mimic, like Geisha, is influenced by Japanese urban folklore. It is divided into four separate sections known as books. The main focus of each chapter is on a different character trying to flee from the clutches of terrifying beasts.

The Mimic’s settings range from eerie underwater ruins to confining cave networks and gloomy forests. The Mimic goes for the complete range of emotions that one might experience in a horror game, going against the conventional wisdom that games for kids should be kid-friendly. And the numerous deformed yokai that you’ll run into perfectly accomplish this.

Roblox has a lot to offer, including some of the most frightening games around

Instead of being a standalone game, Roblox is a client for creating games. This implies that the content options are essentially limitless. Roblox will thrive as long as there is a vibrant community to make new levels for it.

Have you ever played a Roblox game that was scarier than the ones we listed? Describe it to us in the comments section below. Use the link below to download the Roblox client on your device if you haven’t yet tried it out for yourself.