10 Best Side Quests in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 players looking to take a break from the main campaign should try out some of the game’s most interesting side quests. Below are the 10 Best Side Quests in Diablo 4 that players shouldn’t miss.

10 Best Side Quests in Diablo 4

One of the best stories in the action role-playing game series so far can be found in Diablo 4. The main narrative, a compelling tale of love and sorrow that unfolds over six acts, has allusions to previous games and the absence of some characters. But, by exploring Sanctuary and completing side missions, players can learn about a few more intriguing stories.

Gamers should think about taking a break from leveling up or engaging with the main plot to locate and finish these perilous or alluring side quests that are unrelated to the main plot. These side quests may be tangentially related to the main plot or take place in the same setting, but they can stand on their own as distinct narratives.

Updated August 28, 2023 by Kristy Ambrose: After a few patches and upgrades, along with Season of the Malignant, Diablo 4 has added several new quests to the main storyline for players to explore and enjoy.The side quests have escaped from the chaos mostly unscathed, with even the rewards remaining the same, but now with increased loot drops for more incentive to visit those Nightmare Dungeons. For those who are still interested in the more obscure and hidden parts of Sanctuary, there are plenty of side quests that tell those hidden tales.

10. Consumed By Pride – Dry Steppes

10 Best Side Quests in Diablo 4 - 1The player will come across numerous tribes named after various animals while exploring Sanctuary. Players start to do favors for these tribes in the hopes of forging alliances with them, which makes every quest line for these tribes immensely exciting. Yet, the Crane Tribe’s series of side missions must rank as one of the most fascinating of these tribes.

Speaking with the Crane Tribe’s leader reveals that their tribe is shunned by the other Tribes as a result of an earlier incident, and that they are now left to fend for themselves. In quests like Consumed By Pride and others where the player learns that the veterans of the Crane Tribe are turning to darker methods like cannibalism, this makes the player the Crane Tribe’s only hope.

9. Legacy Of Light’s Watch – Fractured Peaks

10 Best Side Quests in Diablo 4 - 2In the town of Margrave, next to a campfire, there’s an NPC named Zalan Coste who seems to be doubled over in pain. Speak to him, and he’ll tell players that he was wounded in the nearby dungeon of Light’s Watch trying to recover his mother’s paintings. It’s too dangerous for someone with no fighting skills, so the task is given to the protagonist instead.

When the player enters the dungeon, their quest log will update and list the three Archivist Journals hidden in the dungeon. These aren’t exactly the paintings, but the records for where the paintings might be found, which is the next best thing. This not only gets the players some renown, experience points, and a salvage cache but opens up later, hidden quests. Now it’s possible to find Zalan’s mother’s paintings while out exploring and return them to the rightful owner.

8. The Bear Of Blackweald – Scosglen

10 Best Side Quests in Diablo 4 - 3

Torben appears to be a gentle tavern owner who can be found in the Under the Fat Goose Inn. After helping his patriots of the Inn, Torben will have a quest available to players that allows them to uncover a chunk of Torben’s past. It’s uncovered that Torben used to be referred to as the Bear who was a member of the Blackweald Mercenary company.

This Bear had done many terrible things in his past during the darkest times of Sanctuary though he finally found peace. However, the leader of this group that Torben thought he had killed lives, and the player must help Torben find his peace again.

7. Ally Of The Bear Tribe – Fractured Peaks

10 Best Side Quests in Diablo 4 - 4

Continuing the theme of bears, the Bear Tribe is another tribe the player can find early into their exploration of Sanctuary in Diablo 4. Like the Crane Tribe, the player has multiple quests they can complete to appeal to the clan. However, for the player to finally help the clan leader they must first help other members of the tribe.

This leads to many encounters with the horrifying Goat enemies to bring their fractured bones and heads to prove themselves to the clan. Finally, they can take part in the quest Call of the Ancients which makes for a great finale.

6. Hubris Smiles Back – Dry Steppes

10 Best Side Quests in Diablo 4 - 5Hubris Smiles Back is an interesting side quest that explores a mysterious entity known as The Grinning One. However, before a player can complete this side quest, they must first complete its previous quest which is Augury of Bones. After collecting bone dust for the character Ogai so he can snort it, which is best not to question, the player will be told to meet him at the Grinning Labyrinth.

Players will then be tasked to collect Baneful Oblations from inside the dungeon for Ogai to use in his ritual. Players are likely to be very confused, and this confusion will continue even after the quest line is complete, making Hubris Smiles Back one of the stranger side quests in Diablo 4.


5. Cries Of Innocence – Fractured Peaks

10 Best Side Quests in Diablo 4 - 6

The perfect bone-chilling quest for the frosty hills and valleys of this cold and snowy zone, players can find this quest by speaking to an NPC named Vendral Trost. He’s standing on a bridge just outside the eastern road leading from Kyovoshad, and he has a tragic story to tell.

Against his better judgment, Vendral sent his troubled son Corik to a place called the Black Asylum. After the boy passes away, his ghostly visage still haunts his father, and Vendral asks the character to visit the Black Asylum, which is just as terrible as it sounds and gives his restless soul peace. Players can visit this dungeon and complete it without finding this quest, but some extra XP and rewards don’t hurt.

4. Izel Of The Vizjerei – Kehjistan

Izel Of The Vizjerei – Kehjistan

Hubris Smiles Back isn’t the only peculiar side quest to be found in Sanctuary as Izel of the Vizjerei will have players quite literally talking to a statue in Kehjistan. Approaching the statue of a woman will begin the quest where the player will be instructed to help Izel in gaining back her human form.

Players will need to complete two previous quests before they can take Izel to the Athenaeum, though she first requires a short tour of what Kehjistan has become. Without spoiling the ending of Izel of the Vizjerei, players may be surprised by its outcome.

3. First Among Wolves – Scosglen

10 Best Side Quests in Diablo 4 - 7Scosglen is the second area players will explore due to needing to adventure to this region during Act Two. Just like the rest of Diablo 4, there are many interesting side quests to help with but arguably out of all of them First Among Wolves is by far the best.

Players are likely to have encountered other side quests in Scosglen that have discussed regular folk becoming werewolves. During First Among Wolves players help Artair figure out why this is happening and continue to help him through two other quests on how to stop more people from becoming them.

2. Unsafe Travels – Kehjistan

10 Best Side Quests in Diablo 4 - 8Kehjistan is an area of the map players are likely to explore later in the game though there are plenty of fascinating side quests there. A trio of quests a player is sure to want to explore starts with Unsafe Travels. Players will find an incredibly sick man who has been poisoned in the Scorching Dunes, he asks for the player’s aid to find a plant that is sure to heal him.

After giving him the plant, players are likely to find this man again who is now covered in flies, they must guide him back to his base while protecting him from the flies that surround him. By the end of this guest players will become not only educated about one of the monsters in the game but also incredibly traumatized.

1. Malady Of The Soul – Fractured Peaks

10 Best Side Quests in Diablo 4 - 9

Unsurprisingly, one of the greatest side quests players will want to get involved in can be completed early into the game as it takes place in the starting city of Kyovoshad. Players will help a priestess as she completes a variety of exorcisms behind the church’s back to help the people of the city.

Players are likely to bond with Sister Octavia as she seems to really want to help people instead of simply burning all those who are possessed. This leaves many players to jump at the chance to help Sister Octavia one final time in the quest Faith in Blood.

Diablo 4 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.